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By: Adam Stone
May 4th, 2016 07:45am GMT, London UK

Market Recap & Outlook:

Tuesday saw the Dollar extend its losses against a basket of six major currencies, at one point dropping as low as 91.89, its weakest since January 2015. The Dollar was down 0.44 percent at 92.12 at the last. In early trading the Yen rose to a new eighteen month high of 105.55 against the Dollar with the Euro reaching $1.1615, its strongest level since August last year. The Dollar Index has dropped over 6 percent since the start of the year as expectations faded that the US Federal Reserve would move to normalize interest rates due to fears over a global economic slowdown.

Sterling dropped back from four-month highs against the Dollar on Tuesday after data which showed that UK manufacturing activity shrank for the first time in 3 years this April, adding to pessimism over the outlook for second quarter growth. GBP/USD was last at 1.4712, up 0.26 percent for the day after rising as high as 1.4769 earlier. The pound has strengthened against the Dollar in recent sessions, aided by the expectation that Britain will vote on June 23 to remain in the EU. The Dollar has come under intense selling pressure since the Federal Reserve decided to keep interest rates on hold last week and indicated that it will maintain a cautious approach on future interest rate increases. Sterling remained lower against the Euro, with EUR/GBP at 0.7881 at the last, down from 0.7884 earlier.

In its Economic forecast on Tuesday, the European Commission said the Euro zone growth will be slower than previously expected with subdued inflation this year. The gross domestic product of the 19 country currency area is predicted to expand 1.6 percent this year, down from a previous estimate of 1.7 percent made in February. Consumer prices are also expected to increase by less than had been expected , they are presently up 0.2 percent this year markedly lower than the 0.5 percent increase forecast in February.

USD/JPY: A binary Call option coincides with the trend, seen below.
USDJPY Binary Options Insights for May 4th 2016

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EURUSD Binary Options Insights for May 4th 2016

EUR/GBP: A binary Put option coincides with the trend, seen below.
EURGBP Binary Options Insights for May 4th 2016

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