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By: Adam Stone
May 25th, 2016 07:45am GMT, London UK

Market Recap & Outlook:

Pound strengthens as Opinion poll data is released.

Oil prices pushed lower this Tuesday, the fifth straight day of losses on signs that supply disruptions in Canada and Africa are coming to a close. US Crude was down 15 cents / 0.31 percent to $47.93 a barrel while Brent dropped 26 cents / 0.56 percent at $48.08.

Oil futures have been well supported in recent weeks due to a combination of supply outages in Africa and reduced production in Canada caused by fires in Alberta’s oil sands region. With these disruptions subsiding, traders are placing their focus back on the growth of global oil supply.

European stock markets turned positive in late trading on Tuesday May 24th after a slow start to the trade session as financial shares advanced. Earlier, shares in Asia closed mostly lower, led by declines in Japan and China as oil prices fell and investors continued to struggle with uncertainty over the timing of the next US rate hike.

Gold sank to a session low of $1242.00 a troy ounce on Tuesday, a level not seen since April 28 , as comments from Federal Reserve officials added to expectations that a rate hike will happen as soon as June.

The Pound strengthened against the Dollar and the Euro on Tuesday after a new opinion poll showed the ‘Remain’ campaign with a large lead with one month to go until the referendum on Britain’s European Union membership. GBP/USD was up 0.79 percent at 1.4599, rebounding from Monday’s lows of 1.4441. Support for remaining in the EU stood at 55 percent while the Brexit (campaign to leave the EU) was at 42 percent.

Sterling was sharply higher against the Euro, with EUR/GBP dropping 1.02 percent to 0.7668.
US equities were higher at the close on Tuesday, as gains in the Technology , Healthcare and Financials sectors propelled shares higher.

EUR/USD was down 0.70 percent to 1.1142 while USD/JPY rose 0.67 percent to 109.97. The US Dollar index was up 0.39 percent at 95.60.

GBP/USD: A binary Put option coincides with the trend, seen below.
GBPUSD Binary Options Insights for May 25th 2016

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USDJPY Binary Options Insights for May 25th 2016

EUR/GBP: A binary Put option coincides with the trend, seen below.
EURGBP Binary Options Insights for May 25th 2016

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