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By: Adam Stone
June 24th, 2016 07:45am GMT, London UK

Market Recap & Outlook:

All eyes on Britain and the EU membership vote.

Thursday saw Britain vote on whether to stay in the European Union in a referendum that has the potential to change the face of Europe and is being watched nervously by financial markets and politicians the world over. A British exit (Brexit) would deprive the 28 member EU of its second largest economy not to mention one of its two main military powers. Results of the vote are expected early on Friday.

Sterling climbed to a 2016 high and global stocks rallied as investors bet Britons were most likely to vote to remain in the EU. Investors fear that a Brexit vote would hit global stocks, bonds and currencies, in particular the Pound, which some analysts have predicted could slump by 15 percent.

Reuters reported Thursday that finance leaders from the G7 nations will issue a statement stressing their readiness to take all necessary steps to calm markets in the event of a Brexit vote.

Oil prices rose, shrugging off a smaller than expected draw in US crude stockpiles, and the safe haven Yen fell against the Dollar as the last pre vote opinion polls showed the ‘Remain’ camp holding a slight lead.

US crude for August delivery was up 64 cents at $49.77, while Brent crude added 1.54 percent to hit $50.65 a barrel. Energy Information Administration figures showed US crude inventories fell by only 917,000 barrels in the latest week. Crude stockpiles had been forecast to fall by 1.67 million barrels.

The Dollar index was down 0.6 percent ahead of the outcome of the referendum, a weaker Dollar lending support to the oil market.

GBP/USD was last at 1.4775, up 0.46 percent for the day after rising to heights of 1.4947 earlier, the strongest level since late December. Sterling was little changed against the Euro, with EUR/GBP at 0.7678 after the pair fell to three week lows of 0.7624 earlier. The Dollar remained higher against the safe haven Yen, with USD/JPY up 1.28 percent to 105.74, recovering from the two year low-point of 103.53 set last Thursday June 17th.

GBP/USD: A binary Call option coincides with the trend, seen below.
GBPUSD Binary Options Insights for June 24th 2016

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EURGBP Binary Options Insights for June 24th 2016

USD/JPY: A binary Call option coincides with the trend, seen below.
USDJPY Binary Options Insights for June 24th 2016

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