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By: Adam Stone
June 28th, 2016 07:45am GMT, London UK

Market Recap & Outlook:

British exit vote continues to dominate world market events.

The British Pound came under renewed selling pressure on Monday June 27th, dropping back towards a 31 year low after the UK voted tom leave the EU on Friday, triggering a massive selloff in global markets. GBP/USD was down 3.08 percent at 1.3257, not far from the lows of 1.3228 reached on Friday, its weakest point since 1985.

US stocks fell to almost four month lows, erasing all gains for 2016, as losses mounted on Monday after S&P lowered the UK’s credit rating due to increased fears of an oncoming market deterioration in Britain following the EU exit vote. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 260.51/1.50 percent to 17,140.24, dropping to its lowest level since mid March.

The S&P500 Composite index plunged 36.87 / 1.81 percent to 2,00.54. Stocks in the Basic Materials, Energy and Financials industries all fell more than 2.50 percent. In the Euro area, financial stocks dropped more than 15 percent amid concerns that major bank’s earnings and net margins could take a hit if the Bank of England and the European Central Bank approve further easing measures in the coming months.

EUR/USD was down 0.87 percent to 1.1020, while USD/JPY fell 0.19 percent to 102.04.

Oil prices stabilized on Monday though still turned red in early European trade, as analysts said the Brexit would have little impact on supply and demand in the global oil market.
In addition, late Friday, it was revealed that the number of oil rigs drilling for oil in the US fell last week for the first time in four weeks, easing worries that prices around $50 a barrel would cause US producers to increase oil output.

US crude oil futures slipped 0.06 percent to $47.60, while Brent crude nudged down 0.04 percent to $49.02.

The flight to safe haven assets continued to push Gold up on Monday, nearing its highest level since July 2014. US Gold futures for August delivery were up 0.5 percent at $1,329.0 an ounce. On Friday, the metal hit a peak of $1,358.20, the largest one day gain since September 2013.

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GBPUSD Binary Options Insights for June 28th 2016

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EURUSD Binary Options Insights for June 28th 2016

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USDJPY Binary Options Insights for June 28th 2016

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