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By: Adam Stone
July 28th, 2016 07:45am GMT, London UK

Market Recap & Outlook:

Federal Reserve leaves Interest Rates unchanged, US Crude inventories increase, Crude futures fall sharply.

The Federal reserve left interest rates unchanged on Wednesday July 27th and cleared the way to a resumption of monetary policy tightening this year. The US central bank said the US economy had expanded at a moderate rate and job gains were strong in June while adding that household spending had also been “growing strongly” and pointed to an increase in labor utilization. While Fed policy makers say they will continue to closely monitor inflation data and global economic & fiscal developments, they stated “Near term risks to the economic outlook have diminished”.

EUR/USD rose sharply on Wednesday, as the Dollar and US bond yields fell unexpectedly late in the session following the Fed decision to hold interest rates unchanged. The currency pair peaked at 1.1071, dropping back to 1.1058 at the close of US trade, up 0.0071/0.65 percent on the session.

The Pound was steady, GBP/USD closing at 1.3131. USD/JPY advanced 0.99 percent to trade at 105.68. The Yen weakened following reports the Japanese Prime Minister and his government will compile a stimulus package of almost 28 trillion Yen to prop up the Flagging Japanese economy.

Market players also look forward to the Bank of Japan’s policy meeting later in the week. The BoJ is expected to ease policy further at the conclusion of the meeting on Friday.
The US Energy Information Administration said on Wednesday morning, in its weekly Petroleum Status Report that US Commercial Crude inventories increased by 1.7 million barrels from the previous week. Crude futures went on to fall sharply to new 3 month lows , Brent crude for October delivery settling at $43.91, down 1.31/2.90 percent on the day. Crude futures have fallen close to 9 percent in the last week and roughly 20 percent since the 10 month highs seen in early June.

Gold erased slight overnight losses on Wednesday, Gold for December delivery settling at $1,334.25, up 5.95/0.45 percent on the session. Since reaching 28 month highs earlier this month, Gold has fallen almost 2 percent. The metal is still up by around 25 percent year to date and is on course for one of its strongest years in a decade.

EUR/USD: A binary Call option coincides with the trend, seen below.
EURUSD Binary Options Insights for July 28th 2016

GBP/USD: A binary Call option coincides with the trend, seen below.
GBPUSD Binary Options Insights for July 28th 2016

USD/JPY: A binary Put option coincides with the trend, seen below.
USDJPY Binary Options Insights for July 28th 2016

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