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By: Adam Stone
March 12th 2014 8:00am GMT, London UK

Traders start the day again mired in negativity as the US and Asian sessions closed in the red. Since Friday, things in the world market have been very turbulent with many geo-political events wrecking havoc on nearly every aspect of the trading environment. The US session closed down after falling rather hard. The S&P dropped 0.51% to 1867 and has shown weakness after getting hit by many sides including economic and political. With the worry over the Chinese economy and the downturn expected in the rest of Asia, the market is only going to get more problematic in gauging true directional bias.

So for binary options traders who are using either their own analysis or using automated trading signals, these are difficult days. Problem is, the volatility levels seen in the markets are triggering an enormous number of trading signals. While this may seem like a good, as getting a large number of signals firing would ordinarily be a good thing however in this case it’s not because it’s creating false break based signals. As such, we recommend treating each signal with limited reliability levels. In other words, just because the signal looks authoritative, it’s not necessarily a good time to blindly hit Put or Call simply based on a signal. We recommend in this type of trading environment to get more involved with your own analysis or at the very least make sure to verify the signals you get using momentum and moving average based indicators. These will help gauge whether there is any follow through with the break or reversal based signals you receive from any source.

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As COO of GOptions, my first and foremost goal is to provide traders with the most up to date info from the markets. I have been trading the markets since 2004 and have been involved with stocks, binary options, and forex trading since then. I have had no formal market education and pride myself on a self taught approach to everything related to trading. I try to focus though on both the technical and fundamental aspects related to each trading day and bring forward the most important aspects of risk/reward in the market.
Adam Stone
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