Trade Binary Options With An Automatic Trading Robot Or Through The Trading Signals

Binary options trading with an automated trading program can be lucrative for many investors, regardless of the proficiency of the trader. There are numerous misconceptions about binary options trading, but automated trading is one of the most remarkable trading opportunities that are yet to receive widespread acclaim in the binary options industry from a large-scale perspective. Binrobot-Lady offers a unique approach to investing in the markets, where traders can either choose an automated trading program or trade with trading signals provided by the company.



It is normally difficult to ascertain the performance of a trading robot such as Binrobot-Lady, as there are numerous parameters that can change the outcome of a trade. The trading signals also add an interesting component to the overall reputation of Binrobot-Lady, which is why it is essential for us to cover the reliability aspect of Binrobot-Lady before choosing the platform.


Binrobot-Lady Regulation

With close to 100,000 users since its launch in 2014, Binrobot-Lady has been building a positive reputation in the market through a stable platform. However, the company does not have a regulatory license, nor any other verifications to prove that Binrobot-Lady is an authorised platform. Automatic binary options robots are not authorised to promote its services among investors unless they have several prior regulatory clearances. These regulatory licenses are difficult to obtain, and most of the popular automated binary bots in the market simply offer its services without satisfying any regulatory requirements.


Binrobot-Lady does not recommend using its services on a live account, but these ‘investing warnings’ rarely hold true in the real world of binary options trading. Therefore, traders should not expect the service to offer a secure trading environment, but the robot’s trading partners are regulated by some of the best regulators in the market. Binrobot-Lady follows an existing automated trading model, where traders are connected to a broker through the Binrobot-Lady online trading interface. Therefore, all investments are held at a broker, and Binrobot-Lady does not deal with your finances directly.


Binrobot-Lady only works with the leading brokers in the market, which gives reassurance to traders regarding the safety of their trading capital. Binrobot-Lady may not be regulated, but its clients can be confident about receiving professional assistance from their broker.


Choice Of Binrobot-Lady Assets

Binrobot-Lady is not a binary options broker. Instead, the system works with leading brokers through its automated trading program to provide access to the markets. However, Binrobot-Lady does not incorporate the entire list of binary trading assets that are available with brokers. Usually, binary options brokers offer a comprehensive choice of tradable instruments from stocks, commodities, Forex, and indices markets, but Binrobot-Lady only sticks to the major currency pairs.

There is a choice of eight different Forex pairs, including, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF, AUD/USD, USD/CAD, and EUR/GBP. It is indeed a disadvantage that the company does not incorporate other financial assets such as stocks or commodities, as several leading automated trading programs offer access to a wide range of markets through a similar platform.



Binrobot-Lady Subscription Fee

Binrobot-Lady is a free trading bot that has no subscription fee for its trading services. Binrobot-Lady does not require its users to make any payment towards the company’s account, as all financial transactions are dealt entirely with the broker. Binrobot-Lady works on a passive compensation scheme through affiliate commissions, where the broker pays Binrobot-Lady for every client acquisition and subsequent trading volumes. Therefore, Binrobot-Lady is able to offer a free service to its traders, without charging any hefty fees for the automated bots or trading signals.

Binrobot-Lady receives money from their affiliate broker for every successful client conversion, where the profits increase according to an increase in trading volumes. Of course, the commission from trading volumes may fluctuate according to the partnership contract agreement, but traders may be sceptical about the system’s affinity towards making more trades to drive up the company’s profits. Regardless, traders are granted full control over their trading accounts and can program the bot according to their trading requirements, which helps in managing trades.


Binrobot-Lady Winning Rate

The winning rate and performance of automated trading systems such as Binrobot-Lady vary according to the user’s risk appetite and the trading strategies. There are several combinations and a broad range of flexibility in the platform, which leads to different win rates and trading outcome. Even though Binrobot-Lady has reported generating a winning rate of 87%, traders can expect to enjoy a positive winning ratio with around 70% trades being on the winning side. Of course, the accuracy of trading signals and the bots depend on the indicators chosen and the money management strategy, but traders can experiment with the platform to find a profitable combination that works.



Winning rate is not indicative of the performance, profitability, or ROI on the trading capital. No two individual binary options traders are alike, and the Binrobot-Lady trading system also has numerous configurations that make each account unique. Instead of trying to maximise your win rate at the expense of profits, traders must concentrate on increasing the return on investment, which is a more representative figure in automated binary options trading. Traders must realise that it is possible to make money consistently with a lower 60% win-rate, rather than compounding losses with a higher 87% win-rate.


Binrobot-Lady Platform

Binrobot-Lady offers two distinct services through its platform. The automated trading robot is the core service offered by the company, but traders can also make use of the trading signals if they are not comfortable with an automated trading system. The Binrobot-Lady binary trading platform is a standalone browser-based interface, which has a rich user dashboard that is different from the conventional binary trading platform. Each user gets access to automated trading features such as choosing the asset, the indicators, the money management strategy, and the investment amount, along with an option to tweak the trade settings through the relevant sections.

The dashboard features two main components, automated trading settings and trading signals. The trading signals category also gets the same settings features like the automated trading feature, but the trader receives recommendations based on the analysis performed by the bot. New traders may take a while to get accustomed to the platform features, but experienced traders should not find any difficulties in tweaking the platform according to their preferences.



Binrobot-Lady Mobile Apps

Binrobot-Lady has dedicated mobile trading apps for iOS and Android, but there are a few doubts surrounding the future of binary trading through the iOS platform. Therefore, the company recommends all mobile users to trade using their responsive web trader, which should provide a better trading flexibility for both desktop and mobile trading. The web browser apps are also far superior to the mobile apps and have the most comprehensive range of features that are expected from an online trading bot.


Binrobot-Lady Trading Review

Traders can use the Binrobot-Lady platform in two ways. The automated trading program is the most preferred form of trading the binary options market, but traders also have the convenience of using the automatic trading signals that are generated by the program. The binary trading system presents a multitude of trading parameters, including the choice of asset and its expiry, the amount of transaction, the number of trades, the trading system, and the indicators. As we discussed previously, traders can choose any currency pair from eight different options and traders are also free to choose multiple currencies if they wish. The contract expiry times start from 60 seconds and can go up to 5 minutes. Binrobot-Lady does not offer any long-term binary options, neither does the system offer any high-risk products such as touch and ladder options. Binrobot-Lady prefers to stick to the tried and tested classic binary options, which does help in reducing the risk to the traders.



The minimum investment or risk per trade for Binrobot-Lady is quite small, as the program allows its users to start trading from just $1. There is also a maximum limit of $500 enforced per trade, but traders can open up to eight different positions at a time. Once the trader selects his/her investment conditions, the platform offers the option of choosing a trading system and the indicators. There are three different trading systems, also known as money management systems, which include the Classic, the Martingale, and the Fibonacci systems. The Classic strategy risks a constant amount of money per position, while the Martingale uses the doubling up method after a losing trade, which is quite common among gamblers. The Fibonacci system uses an intriguing money management strategy that doubles the invested money after every winning trade and halves the investment after every losing trade.



The final choice of setting is the indicators that assume the responsibility of instructing the system to open trades depending on the existing market conditions. Traders can specify different indicators for technical analysis of the markets such as Trend, RSI, STOCH, MACD, CCI, and %R. Traders can either use a single indicator for taking the maximum number of trades or use all the indicators together to increase the accuracy of trading, at the expense of the number of trades. The different number of trading configurations offer different payouts, making it difficult to ascertain an exact winning rate for individual traders.


Binrobot-Lady Account

Binrobot-Lady does not offer a binary options brokerage account, and hence, there are no minimum deposit requirements. The program acts as a middle-man between a trader and the broker, and the minimum deposit required depends on the choice of broker. Traders will need to make at least $250 to start trading, but traders must open an account through the platform to be eligible for the system’s services. Existing trading accounts cannot be clubbed to the Binrobot-Lady platform, as traders are directed to open an account and make a deposit through the Binrobot-Lady servers.

The company has adopted such a move to ensure that they receive all the affiliate commissions from the broker for client acquisitions, and keep the service free for all users. Binrobot-Lady only makes money when a trader signs up for a brokerage account, as there are no fees for trading bot access or signals. The cost of opening a new account is negligible, considering the suite of features available with the system.


Binrobot-Lady Customer Service

The Binrobot-Lady platform is developed as a third-party service provider, and as such does not possess any dedicated customer service channels. The service’s recommended brokers all have the best customer service departments, which can take care of your account queries, but any issues with the Binrobot-Lady program can only be addressed through email correspondence. Traders can only contact the customer support staff through the web contact form, as there are no alternative communication modes such as live chat, phone, or toll-free numbers.


Binrobot-Lady Verdict


  • A free service for both automated trading and binary options signals.
  • Trading is flexible with a lot of configurable options.
  • Access to regulated and reliable binary options brokers.
  • Minimum investment starts from $1.
  • The winning rate can be as high as 87%.


  • Traders should open a new account through the Binrobot-Lady platform.
  • Reduced number of tradable assets.
  • The support team is only accessible through the web contact form.



Is Binrobot-Lady A Scam?

Binrobot-Lady does not handle any clients’ deposits, and the company does not have an opportunity to indulge in any financial malpractices. Therefore, Binrobot-Lady is not a scam.


Can Traders Use An Existing Binary Options Account With Binrobot-Lady?

No, traders are instructed to open a new account through the Binrobot-Lady interface for free access to binary options robot and trading signals.


What Is The Minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit is dependent on the broker, but traders require at least $250 to open an account at a supported brokerage.


Can I Trade On A Binrobot-Lady Demo?

Yes, Binrobot-Lady offers a free demo for all users.