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6th of September 2013


that time of month again and before you being making any silly jokes, realize it’s the most serious of all trading day. It’s NFP (Non Farm Payrolls) day and that means big trading and bigger price action. Jobs are already on the minds of traders since early yesterday as the data that leads into the NFP started making its way into the markets for binary options traders. The fact is, it’s all a bit of a mixed bag and trying to anticipate the NFP’s actual result will be a daunting if not impossible task for traders of all types including those trading binary options. Doesn’t mean we won’t be trying.

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5th of September 2013


the US markets shot up higher and this despite the fact that 2 separate amendments proposed by Senator John McCain in regards to an attack on Syria, passed through the foreign relations committee. The result isn’t something awe inspiring but the fact that markets barely budged as the US prepares for an attack is testament to the will of the US and the market’s ability to see through the possibilities at the actual end result. There is no clouding over the eyes of the market in this case. Sure, the attack will be a detriment to the economy in the short run,
but it can only be better for the world at large if a monster like Assad is put to rest. The US is being told by the markets that it shouldn’t
be the police chief, that much is true and is quite evident in the results from European markets.

Read the Full article here:




4th of September 2013


we promised, US markets headed higher and it is primarily attributed to Obama’s inaction in regards to Syria. We explained yesterday that the Europeans sent markets into the stratosphere on the news that no stance would be taken against the terrorist regime using chemical weapons against its own people. Yes, you heard right, the European markets basically gave a big hoorah to not doing anything to stop this. Of
course, yesterday, given 24 hours to see the folly in their way, European markets came back down correcting the upswing slightly. US
markets actually headed higher as we expected, but in much more muted tones as compared to the EU session from Monday.

Read the Full article here:



3rd of September 2013

kind of amazing to see the dichotomy of world markets as they relate to the current Syria escalation. On the one hand, you have America.
Markets there seem to have been fighting and agonizing over whether action was good or bad for the economy and as such for the markets. Up and down the markets went with no clear sign that either choice, action or inaction, would lead to a serious move in either direction. We are pretty sure though that Obama’s decision to dump the decision making of “war” on congress will play to the favor of the markets. An upswing can be expected as a result of the inaction, however we expect a very minor

Read the Full article here:



2nd of September 2013

Obama calls off attack on Syria but the uncertainty looms over the markets and as a result, stocks dropped again on Monday. As we look at the results, they aren’t all that terrible. But it’s the timing of it all that has most binary options a bit spooked. After all, it’s still unclear whether Congress will allow Obama to go to “war” with Syria. Providing them this power is part of the constitution of the US, but the market certainly didn’t like the wavering and lack of any backbone shown by Obama. It almost seems like the markets preferred a bad attack over a show of weakness.

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30th of August 2013


Despite signs that the new head of the Bank of Japan is managing to push Japan out of its deflationary cycle, Asian markets are rather mixed. Worse yet, the Japanese NIKKEI itself is heading down minutes before the close of the trading session over there. Abenomics, as they are called, are the policies implemented by Shinzo Abe, are attributed with the rise in CPI seen this past month. The good news would have normally propelled markets higher but it seems that investors are simply moving markets in every direction other than what could be perceived logical route.

Read the Full article here:




29th of August 2013


Markets slightly recovered yesterday but after being battered for over a week, it’s a drop in the bucket for US investors. Binary options traders may have been able to take advantage of some of the optimism in the markets, but with the general short term trend heading downwards, it was probably off to other assets for binary options traders. But we can’t shrug off the rebound completely. The S&P headed up 0.27% to 1634,
the Dow finished up 0.33% to 14824, and the NASDAQ closed 0.41% higher to 3593. The reason we can’t let this rebound just pass us by as binary options traders is the fact that break strategies will now be back in effect.

Read the Full article here:




28th of August 2013

The markets dropped and they do so in emphatic fashion yesterday. The S&P fell 1.59% to 1630, the DOW lost 1.14% to 14776, and the Nasdaq dropped a whopping 2.16% to 3578. The day was marred by negativity from the outset as the EU markets set the tone early with losses across the board. All major EU indices dropped and some dropped very hard. The DAX for example fell a lengthy drop of 2.28% and binary options traders were quick to take down up on numerous support breaks. The CAC 40 was another index that simply fell through the floor and lost 2.42%.

Read the Full article here:




27th of August 2013


Markets were unable to pick up on the momentum created on the last days of last week. Again, much like the case has been for much of the last month, US stock markets headed downward and the final result was a drop across all indices. The S&P ended up dropping 0.4% to 1656, the DOW lost 0.43% to 14946, and the Nasdaq fell just 0.01% to 3657. But the story of the day for binary options traders was the fall of the Dow. The index dropped below a significant support at 15000. The drop below the support level ushered in a new wave of sellers into the market.


Read the Full article here:




26th of August 2013


Markets closed the week on a positive note after a prolonged period of uncertainty led to drops in stock prices in the US indices. But this
spilled over into Asia and Europe, causing widespread jitters across many markets. The fact that the indices in the US managed to close the
week on a high note could lead to some optimism at the start of this week. Most of the major moves made by the markets last week were made as a result of a few small news releases, but nothing really major. Binary options traders probably noticed that the markets moved quite a great deal based on each one of the handful of reports to be released.

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23rdof August 2013


Markets headed back higher and are already showing signs of continuing the trend today. After the last 7 days of trading where the Dow and S&P managed just one and two days higher respectively, the markets again warded fears and headed back up. The thinking now is that economic data is enough of a catalyst to keep things chugging higher for US indices. Even while the Nasdaq exchange suffered a massive outage and trades were slow to come back online, markets just kept on recouping losses suffered at the hands of more pessimistic traders just days earlier. In the end, the closing price for the S&P was 1656 after rising 0.86%, the Dow finished 0.44% higher to 46963, and the Nasdaq managed a 1.08% increase to 3638.


Read the Full article here:



22ndof August 2013


And down again the markets went yesterday. Despite some hope that investors and binary options traders of the world could manage a bit of optimism, it was fear and worry that hovered over the markets yesterday. At least  that was the case in the US and EU stock markets. But things are starting a bit different early this morning as the Chinese markets are providing a bit of a push to Asian markets. Although Asian markets are in the red across the board, the news from China could make its way into the European markets later today. It’s important to note that the release of news was based on HSBC’s purchasing manager’s index for the manufacturing sector. It’s a very critical piece of information seeing as how the results confirm that the 2nd largest economy on earth is back to expanding.

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21stof August 2013

options traders finally got a reprieve in the US trading session yesterday as the stocks headed higher for the first time after 4 straight losing days. Most of the increases in stock prices were attributed to the fundamentals and positive earnings reports published. The worries and jitters being caused by the Federal Reserve and the possibility of an early pull-out from quantitative easing seems to have dried up, at least for the day and binary options traders were able to focus on the movements in the market based on real price action.

Read the Full article here:




20th of August 2013


For the 4th day in a row, binary options traders are watching a downtrend unfold before their eyes. After much hype upon reaching new highs, the US stock indices have been spiraling downwards now for nearly a week. The S&P lost 0.59% to the 1646 level while the Dow shed 0.47% to 15010, and the Nasdaq lost 0.38% to 3589. The USD also lost some ground again and is already trading near 1.3347 after actually heading higher in the last 2 sessions. The drops in stock prices is all due to the worries surrounding the end of the Federal Reserve’s bond buy-back program otherwise known as QE3.

Read the Full article here:




19th of August 2013


Markets are still jittery ahead of the anticipated Federal Reserve meeting. The problem is, this is only going to happen on the 17th and 18th of
September. So does this means that binary options traders will need to watch as markets stumble for an entire month? The short answer is
probably ‘yes’ but it’s hard to be too sure about this. Just last year, the markets were in a very similar stance where binary options traders
and investors of all types chose to err to the side of caution as the Federal Reserve was then deciding on the correct timing of beginning
quantitative easing in this bond-buyback format of 85 billion USD per month. Now just under a year into the program, markets eagerly await
news of when the Federal Reserve will begin tapering.

Read the Full article here:




14th of August 2013


As we indicated yesterday in our daily analysis, the markets in the US managed to close higher based on good news from China that sent the day into a positive outlook very early on. Good factory data pushed Asia higher early in the session yesterday which propelled the European
markets higher. But today could be a turn for the worst as Asian markets turned sour this morning with the Nikkei and Hang Seng both heading downward. This could cause downward pressure for the rest of the day both in the EU and US as markets have chosen to take their cues of late from Asia.

Read the Full article here:



13th of August 2013

Markets in the US were unable to build on the momentum created earlier in the day in the Asian markets after Chinese factory orders were seen to be on the rise. The boost from the data certainly boosted the stock markets in Asia and even managed to avert a really negative day in the already reeling Japanese stock market. But we expected that the European session would manage to take a bit of the positive energy from the Asian markets and run with it. Alas, it wasn’t to be for the EU stock markets either and things were left mixed and rather negative for most European stock indices. This morning again we are awaking to a fast rising Asian stock market scene with even the Nikkei joining in the fun. Binary options traders will be left to ascertain whether this optimism will finally spill over into Western markets. We aren’t really sure as yet whether the EU indices will take anything from the rise in Asia but binary options traders probably noticed that the US stock index futures
are already pointing higher.

Read the Full article here:




12th of August 2013


Markets are awaking after a nice weekend with some positive vibes coming from Asia. Good news from China is helping propel most of the Asian stock markets at the moment and as we near closing time for the Asian session even the Nikkei may pull back into the black – although this is rather doubtful. Chinese economic data is attributed with the positive energy in Asia as factory output in the massive economy is at its highest pace since the start of the year and is thus an indication that the factory of the world is back in recovery mode. This is obviously good news for all of Asia and investors are making this clear by pushing stocks higher.

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8th of August 2013


Binary options trading today will be focused on the now. In the summer months, when liquidity drops and market participants seem more inclined to worry about their tans than their trades. As such, it’s up to the binary options trader to both make sense of the current situation in the markets and also make money off of it. It’s obviously never enough to just have an opinion, you need to actually act on it. So looking at the trading day ahead, we don‘t have much in the way of news to get things moving. Momentum is likely not going to be built in any meaningful manner. Binary options strategies will thus need to make do with slow moving markets that may not have a determined means of choosing direction.

Read the Full article here:





7th of August 2013


A couple of mundane comments by some Fed members and the hole market goes into panic mode, or so it seems. Yesterday, a number of Federal Reserve branch presidents made statement to the effect that the Fed will likely taper the stimulus program very soon, but would maintain a flexible approach as the year’s economic progress is measured over time. So why hit the big red button? Our team isn’t really fully sure of this notion of a panicking market, but it is certainly clear that the uncertainty surrounding the Fed’s stance is unwelcome.

Read the Full article here:



6th of August 2013


US market headed slightly primarily downward yesterday with the S&P falling 0.15% to 1707, the Dow falling 0.3% to 15612, and the Nasdaq actually rising 0.09% to 3692. Markets are pulling slightly back, retreating from all time highs created last week and unable to maintain pace due to mediocre news. The fact that the effect of the recent NFP (Non Farm Payrolls) was to cause upward motion in the markets isn’t solid footing for the markets. After all, the reason they headed higher despite poor results was because poor results means there’s a bigger chance the Federal Reserve will delay scaling back its bond buy back program.

Read the Full article here:



5th of August 2013


Jobs are the focus of the markets as Friday’s poor results from this Friday’s Non Farm Payrolls report put things in a bit of perspective.
Stocks were riding high last week as good earnings and a stronger than expected GDP report created momentum which was maintained despite the poor NFP results. The report showed that the unemployment rate fell slightly t o7.4 percent, which is great news. However, the actual increase in hiring was at a slower pace than expected. The final result was an increase of 162k new jobs in July which was 20 thousand lower than the expected figure. Markets though didn’t cause mass hysteria and a sell-off just wasn’t in the cards. As we explained on Friday, a
pullback in stock prices wasn’t  going to be long lasting for the reason that the Federal Reserve was more likely to continue pumping $85
billion into the markets for a longer period of time.

Read the Full article here:




2nd of August 2013


Today, at 12:30 GMT, the NFP (Non Farm Payrolls) report is set for release and the entire market will be waiting for the highly anticipated figure. The expectations are for a figure of 184 thousand. It’s a bit odd of an expectation to be honest seeing as how Wednesday’s release of the
private sector employment change report from ADP provided a figure of 180k. This means that the expectation for the entire public sector is
for an increase of just 4k new jobs in the previous month. Binary traders, whether focused on stocks or forex pairs will be affected by
the results so be very well prepared for the coming day.

Read the Full article here:


Down Options ?

30th of July 2013


Markets dropped in the US yesterday but this should have been clear from the moment the light turned green. It was a rotten day in Asian markets yesterday but things turned around today. Yesterday the Nikkei dropped by more than 2% but this morning things are looking up. The Nikkei is already up more than 1.25% as we near the closing bell. But that’s not really a sign of things to come elsewhere. In the EU yesterday, things headed higher. Again, this is no indication of anything for today. But the fact that the US stock futures are pointing higher already is in fact a good sign. It means that despite some jitters regarding the exact time when the Fed will taper off the capital stimulus, things are still looking up for the US economy.

Read the Full article here:




29th of July 2013


Binary options trading resumes this week on the basis of a very up and down preceding week. It will be very interesting for traders to see how
things progress into this NFP based week. Yes, it’s that week again as is the case each and every month. The non-farm payrolls will be released
this coming Friday as it is the first Friday of the month. Binary options traders though will be focused on many issues prior to the
release of the NFP and here’s what’s going to be on the plates of traders till then.

Read the Full article here:




26th of July 2013


Binary options got a mixed bag of economic data and after sifting through it saw how the markets just took the bull by the horns and headed higher. The German Ifo Index surprised to the upside early in the EU session yesterday and really set the tone for the day ahead. Despite very
lukewarm results in the US and UK, things just kept pressing higher and led to some positive finishes for stocks, stock indices and the EUR/USD. All headed north and are in solid position to make serious breaks today. Funnily enough though, this positive effect was nowhere to be found in Europe. The tone the Ifo set wasn’t even felt on the DAX which dropped 0.96% while other major EU indices dropped as well.

Read the Full article here:




25th of July 2013


Binary options trading is usually considered an “extreme sport” in the world of trading especially when you take the current market conditions. Mix some low liquidity sessions with fast price action in stocks and slow price action in forex and what do you get: large disparity in trading behavior. When looking at the charts loads of strange behavior can be seen literally everywhere. Start in the forex market with the EUR/USD. So far, good news has had no effect on the price action. So normally, you’d expect negativity to rule the roost. But this too has had no influence. What are we then left to count on?

Read the Full article here:




24th of July 2013


Binary options traders look to start the day on a high note. However, the last few days of trading have been very mixed and haven’t afforded trend traders any basis for continuing the moves higher. This has been especially true in the US session where after 4 straight days of a
rising S&P, 3 of those days with record highs, the index corrected lower yesterday. There’s no news to blame. No speeches to point the finger at. There was barely any economic data reported. So it’s hard to find the catalyst for any such move but there’s certainly no denying that it happened. But things are so mixed up at the moment that even the markets are unable to decide if they are heading higher or lower.

Read the Full article here:




22nd of July 2013


Markets might be looking to renew trends that began last week but if the opening hours of this new trading week are anything to judge, we’re in for an interesting week. Last week, trends reaffirmed themselves in the US markets and binary options traders were ready and able to pounce on nearly every break of resistance. On 6 separate occasions over the last 10 trading sessions, the S&P managed to break at least 1 resistance and carry on higher. The Dow didn’t fair quite as well but it has certainly been a very positive period for the American stock indices.
With each new record high has come loads of interest to trade binary options on the stock indices. While normally hovering at around 9-12th
place in volume.


Read the Full article here:




19th of July 2013


Despite threats of a downgrade to the credit rating in the US, markets headed higher. In fact, stock markets in the US broke new records and look to continue this trend today. Things were helped along by Bernanke’s reiterated comments, made originally on Wednesday, in addition to economic data about the jobs market. Binary options traders were probably more focused on the dramatic events that unfolded in America’s core as Detroit, the Motor City and cradle of American auto-workers for decades, has declared bankruptcy.

Read the Full article here:





18th of July 2013


Markets started their push back higher after Ben Bernanke gave a two sided explanation of the situation with the current bond buyback program. The issue at hand is that traders and investors are deeply concerned that the end of quantitative easing will means a downfall of stock prices and other economic worry. Binary options traders will surely recall that any time the question of ending the capital infusion into the economy was brought up, stock prices tumbled. But that wasn’t the case yesterday as stocks climbed despite Bernanke’s assertion that the tapering of QE3 was absolutely going to happen, and soon. But now, Bernanke is soothing some of those fears by explaining things more profoundly.

Read the Full article here:




17th of July 2013


US markets showed a bit of weakness yesterday after 3 straight days of record setting trading sessions. The S&P was actually looking to
rattle of 9 straight winning sessions, but it was for naught. The DOW, S&P and Nasdaq all dropped and binary options traders were all left
to focus on other assets. The drop in stock indices was rather minimal and didn’t allow for a break below any significant levels. The S&P
lost 0.37% to 1676, the Dow dropped 0.21% to 15431 and the Nasdaq lost 0.25% to 3598. Looking at the day ahead, binary options traders will
likely keep an eye on what happens with the US indices as trading is emphasized on the forex pairs.

Read the Full article here:



16th of July 2013


Data pushes markets up and down on virtually each and every day but these last few days are something of an extreme. However, that extreme is based on the sheer amount of data spewing into the arena and not the actual affect it is having on the markets movements. Binary options traders are probably making great use of this period seeing as how stock indices in the US, at least, are making moves above record highs and making it easy to make nice profitable trades. This was exemplified by the S&P stock index which for the 3rd straight day recorded a new all-time high. It’s actually been eight straight days in the black for the index, creating a special time for the index and for binary options
traders who have been seeking easy profits on low risk trades. It literally gets no easier than this.

Read the Full article here:



15th of July 2013

Binary options trading is going to focus on the news today as the retail sales figures are set for release at 12:30 today. Retail Sales and Core
Retail Sales are going to be released and the market is expecting a betterment in the results. Core Retail Sales last month were shown rising by 0.3% and this month, markets are expected a result of 0.6%. The wider scoped Retail Sales figure is expected to show a figure of 0.8% as compared to the previous month’s 0.6%. This is all the is expected in the coming hours of the trading day and binary options traders nay actually focus on the preceding events prior to the release of the data mentioned above at 12:30 GMT. News started early today with the release of the Chinese GDP data which calmed the nerves of traders worldwide.

Read the Full article here:



12th of July 2013

Markets shot higher yesterday as the US’s Federal Reserve calmed markets about the end of quantitative easing, and it worked. US stocks and the USD all headed higher as the Fed reassured markets that despite the impending end of the capital inflows directed by the quantitative easing program in place since September of 2012, interest rates will remain at or near zero for the foreseeable future. This allowed binary options traders to seek upside momentum in the markets and much was found. As a result of the news, the markets sighed a collective sigh of relief and sent that managed to send the S&P up to 1675 after climbing 1.36%. It was a solid day for the Dow as well which finished 1.11% higher to 15460 as the tech heavy Nasdaq index closed the session up 1.63% to 3578.

Read the Full article here:




11th of July 2013

Markets are showing similar ambivalence to the situation to that of the Federal Reserve. Yesterday, the FED released the minutes from its latest meeting, which was held just before the release of the NFP data. This is crucial as it seems that during the meeting, there was no meeting of minds as to the timing of the tapering of the quantitative easing policy currently in place since September 2012. Binary options traders must have noticed that this news was the reason that US markets didn’t manage to generate much momentum and as such, things just sort of hung. But it’s key to realize that despite the lack of agreement on the timing, the end is agreed to. So it’s just a question of when and how and not if.

Read the Full article here:



10th of July 2013


from Asia through Europe and into the US all headed higher yesterday and without an impetus from news based events. The current uptrend in place is helping push more than just the US market higher, it’s assisting in many areas and markets. But the real issue here today is how binary options traders will end up reacting to the news from the Federal Reserve later today. The minutes from their last meeting are expected for release. So the issue is whether the Fed openly discussed a date to kill of quantitative easing or not.

Read the Full article here:



9th of July 2013


kept on rolling upwards yesterday and with the way things are going, we don’t see any reason to be concerned with a sudden downturn. The fact is, the effect of the positive jobs data from Friday far outweighed the possible, soon to be, end of quantitative easing. Economically speaking, the creation of jobs is more powerful dollar for dollar over any infusion of cash into the economy. This is the case for many reasons and, most of them should be self evident to any binary trader. But the real important aspect about this is that the markets are learning to accept this new paradigm and not trying to buck this trend. Just a couple of weeks ago, the notion that QE3 was on its way out send shudders through the markets.

Read the Full article here:




8th of July 2013


took a strong move and made it count towards the end of this past Friday’s session. Although many were worried that it would turn into a zombie day, a Friday that comes after a holiday held on Thursday that can turn into a bridge for long weekenders, it turned out to be a classic Non-Farm Payrolls sort of day. US markets shot up higher and despite a lull in trading about 1 hour into the session, stocks pressed higher closing up nicely. The S&P closed up 1.02% to 1631 as the Dow finished 0.98% higher to 15135, breaking past 2 major resistance in the process (1500 and 15098). The tech heavy NASDAQ had the best of days as the index closed 1.04% to 3479.

Read the Full article here:



5th of July 2013


Binary options traders will be eyes on glass, as we say, today. With the Non Farm Payrolls ready to make the headlines as the first event of the day just as the Us session opens up. Markets are expecting a slightly lower figure as compared

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