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By: Daniel Gant
January 2nd 2014 2:07pm GMT, London UK
The EUR/USD finished last year around 1.3750 levels and after one day of holiday the pair opened little bit higher. Because to the fact that the Japanese market is closed till the end of the week the volatility is still low. Today we should keep an eye on the Spanish and Italian Manufacturing. But more important data will come out from the American market ( U.S. ISM Manufacturing). The movement is now going down.

The GBP/USD pair started the New Year by getting stronger and tested the highest price since August 2011. The pair strengthened a bit before the U.K. Manufacturing data came out. The expectation is to see slightly lower movement than last time. However, if this result comes out above expectation the pair might increase above the 1.6600 level .U.S. Weekly Unemployment change will be released today and we should defiantly keep an eye out for that data the ISM Manufacturing PMI is coming out as well and might erase some of the profits if the data shows better than expected.

Price of Gold has been moving with strong ups and downs for past two days. The price has dropped to $1,182 an ounce on Tuesday but finished around the $1,210 an ounce. The sharp movements are caused by miner demand so the price might drop down again.

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