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ARABIAN PIPES COMP 15.8250 12:20 05.12
SAUDI REFINERIES 39.850 12:20 05.12
GBP/USD 1.27117 12:20 05.12
EUR/USD 1.06980 12:20 05.12
FTSE F-DEC16 6744.250 12:15 05.12
OIL-FEB17 (BRENT) 54.785 12:15 05.12
AUD/USD 0.74283 12:15 05.12
AUD/JPY 84.990 12:15 05.12
SILVER 16.686 12:15 05.12
NASDAQ F-DEC16 4763.875 12:15 05.12
GOLD/EUR 1090.935 12:15 05.12
OIL-JAN17(WTI CRUDE) 51.935 12:15 05.12
GOLD 1167.650 12:15 05.12
EUR/JPY 122.460 12:15 05.12
USD/JPY 114.415 12:15 05.12
GBP/USD 1.27284 12:10 05.12
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Vodafone 192.225 12:00 05.12
Rio Tinto 3036.250 12:00 05.12
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FTSE F-DEC16 6739.250 12:00 05.12
FTSE 250 17426.620 12:00 05.12
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Markets from Asia through Europe and into the US all headed higher yesterday and without an impetus from news based events. The current uptrend in place is helping push more than just the US market higher, it’s assisting in many areas and markets. But the real issue here today is how binary options traders will end up reacting to the news from the Federal Reserve later today. The minutes from their last meeting are expected for release. So the issue is whether the Fed openly discussed a date to kill of quantitative easing or not.



If they openly discussed this during the meeting it will open up a whole slew of other questions which will range from their foreknowledge of the NFP data and other jobs related information and all the way to the slowing GDP. The diverging data points may yet lead the Fed to opt out of killing of QE any time soon, but the discussion will be the real issue. In other words, the fact that the economy might not be anywhere near ready to be let out on its own, without capital inflows, is not going to matter to the markets this afternoon if it’s revealed that the Fed even discussed a proposed end.



The end is obvious and near. There’s no questioning this. And it’s not even the point. It’s now public knowledge that by the end of the year this program will be put to an end. But by discussing the issue in the Fed’s meeting, it is being proposed now at the policy level and that means it’s now official which could send markets reeling.



The stock index futures are showing trepidation and signaling a sell-off, albeit a moderate one. But the fact that it’s showing a downturn may just be the way things open up and leaving much room for the entire market to head down in much more emphatic fashion.

So binary traders of all types need to look for signs early in the session. Obviously, the movements of the S&P and DOW will be most telling but it’s very possible to start picking things up by the behavior in the market of assets like currency pairs and even the price of gold.



Binary options traders will be able to notice rather easily if the price of Gold suddenly spikes or if the EUR/USD fall before the release of the minutes. There’s no other news today so you can certainly bet the farm that any moves prior to the release are based solely on speculation on what the Fed discussed and how this will play in the market.



So we recommend erring to the side of caution to day. If you open any trades, and aren’t looking for added risk, then stay clear of the release time and also thereafter, when Ben Bernanke gives his speech – just stay on the sidelines and learn from what you see.

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