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ARABIAN PIPES COMP 15.8250 12:20 05.12
SAUDI REFINERIES 39.850 12:20 05.12
GBP/USD 1.27117 12:20 05.12
EUR/USD 1.06980 12:20 05.12
FTSE F-DEC16 6744.250 12:15 05.12
OIL-FEB17 (BRENT) 54.785 12:15 05.12
AUD/USD 0.74283 12:15 05.12
AUD/JPY 84.990 12:15 05.12
SILVER 16.686 12:15 05.12
NASDAQ F-DEC16 4763.875 12:15 05.12
GOLD/EUR 1090.935 12:15 05.12
OIL-JAN17(WTI CRUDE) 51.935 12:15 05.12
GOLD 1167.650 12:15 05.12
EUR/JPY 122.460 12:15 05.12
USD/JPY 114.415 12:15 05.12
GBP/USD 1.27284 12:10 05.12
EUR/USD 1.07070 12:10 05.12
USD/MXN 20.615 12:00 05.12
Vodafone 192.225 12:00 05.12
Rio Tinto 3036.250 12:00 05.12
LLOYDS Bank 57.731 12:00 05.12
HSBC L 625.450 12:00 05.12
FTSE F-DEC16 6739.250 12:00 05.12
FTSE 250 17426.620 12:00 05.12
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Binary options trading is going to focus on the news today as the retail sales figures are set for release at 12:30 today. Retail Sales and Core Retail Sales are going to be released and the market is expecting a betterment in the results. Core Retail Sales last month were shown rising by 0.3% and this month, markets are expected a result of 0.6%. The wider scoped Retail Sales figure is expected to show a figure of 0.8% as compared to the previous month’s 0.6%. This is all the is expected in the coming hours of the trading day and binary options traders nay actually focus on the preceding events prior to the release of the data mentioned above at 12:30 GMT. News started early today with the release of the Chinese GDP data which calmed the nerves of traders worldwide.



The release showed that the Chinese GDP dropped to 7.5% as compared to last year’s 7.7%. But this was expected and worries of a stiffer drop were quelled. This allowed binary options traders to focus on up options with Asian assets since the markets opened earlier today.



The Nikkei index is reaching close up 0.23% to 14506 as the Hang Seng is currently up 0.18% to 21315. As a result of this upward pressure, things could open higher in Europe. We are looking to see if the European session does in fact head higher as this will certainly assist in creating momentum for the US session. Any positive effects of this type will certainly help push indices and stocks like GOOG and AAPL higher.



It is important to note that focus for now is still on the price of forex pairs like the EUR/USD which is currently trading near 1.3010. Look for the pair though to remain pressured by both sides and as such, movement isn’t to be expected in any dramatic fashion. Expect short burst price action here today and expect next to nothing until the data releases in the US later today. On the other hand, the pair is drifting lower in the hours since opening and as such, the pressure to the downside is certainly stronger and gaining momentum. Look for a break of 1.30 in the coming hours. The level has already been tested and as such, binary traders will likely opt for reversal strategies until such time as a  break makes itself apparent on the charts.



Until then, stick to the reversals but be ready for a break and go with a break strategy immediately. Otherwise, risk levels will remain exceptionally high for traders.

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