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NIKKEI 225 VS TOSHIBA 93.686 02:30 23.02
MAZDA VS TOSHIBA 7.847 02:30 23.02
NZD/USD 0.71846 02:30 23.02
NZD/JPY 81.379 02:30 23.02
AUD/USD 0.76764 02:30 23.02
AUD/JPY 86.949 02:30 23.02
TENCENT HOLDINGS 214.700 02:30 23.02
SSE180 VS CSI300 2.1859 02:30 23.02
AUD/CAD 1.01035 02:30 23.02
TAIEX 9797.6 02:30 23.02
SSE180 7598.730 02:30 23.02
CSI 300 3476.262 02:30 23.02
SHANGHAI COMPOSITE 3250.382 02:30 23.02
EUR/JPY 119.533 02:30 23.02
EUR/USD 1.05530 02:30 23.02
HANG SENG F-JAN17 24073.000 02:30 23.02
TOPIX 100 992.810 02:30 23.02
NIKKEI 225 19313.290 02:30 23.02
HANG SENG 24089.300 02:30 23.02
ASX F-MAR17 5758.500 02:30 23.02
USD/JPY 113.269 02:30 23.02
USD/SGD 1.41603 02:30 23.02
ASX 5791.100 02:30 23.02
STRAITS TIMES 3118.700 02:30 23.02
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Binary options traders look to start the day on a high note. However, the last few days of trading have been very mixed and haven’t afforded trend traders any basis for continuing the moves higher. This has been especially true in the US session where after 4 straight days of a rising S&P, 3 of those days with record highs, the index corrected lower yesterday. There’s no news to blame. No speeches to point the finger at. There was barely any economic data reported. So it’s hard to find the catalyst for any such move but there’s certainly no denying that it happened. But things are so mixed up at the moment that even the markets are unable to decide if they are heading higher or lower.



The S&P lost 0.19% to 1692 and basically erased 2 days of gains. The Dow actually finished slightly higher to 15567 after rising 0.14% and the NASDAQ index lost 0.59% to 3579. This lack of congruity is intriguing to many binary options traders and stock investors alike. Such disparity can of course occur quite regularly, but with many stocks still reporting earnings and some even showing solid results (see AAPL), there’s an expectation that things will just remain status quo and continue heading higher with no respite.



But alas, that is not reality. The fact is, markets are a fickle entity and you can’t expect a horde to always act in accordance with perceived notions. This is why when we provide an opinion on the direction of the market, we try to give a solid reasoning for it. But it’s never full-proof.



Looking at the day ahead, things could look very similar to yesterday’s session. There isn’t very much economic data expected for release so momentum may be in want. But some stock and forex pairs could be fast movers.



Apple (AAPL) stock for example, which reported a solid earnings report yesterday that beat Wall St. expectations for iPhone sales by a whopping 51%, looks to head higher today. The stock has actually fallen 20% since the start of the year, managed a massive 5% move higher in after hours trading to $437.94 however it closed at 418.99. This means that when the market opens today, expect a gap to be seen to the upside on the charts. But what this means is that there will be instant momentum for the stock which could allow binary options traders to take advantage with Up options on any break of resistance at 440 today. We don’t recommend trying to anticipate any reversal or test based strategy. This is a stock to wait for a break with. Don’t wait for this gap to close up today either. Unless something completely unexpected occurs somewhere in the world, keep things simple today, at least with this stock.



New Home Sales today at 14:00

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