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HUTCHISON 107.100 03:30 27.02
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HANG SENG F. 24987.5000 03:30 27.02
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ASX FUTURE 5911.500 03:30 27.02
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HANG SENG 25043.030 03:30 27.02
EUR/USD 1.12120 03:30 27.02
EUR/JPY 133.706 03:30 27.02
AUD/USD 0.77953 03:30 27.02
USD/JPY 119.252 03:30 27.02
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Bitcoin with Binary Options

By: Amanda Castle
December 22nd 2013 7:07pm GMT, London UK
bitcoinThere is so much hype surrounding Bitcoin, it’s a bit like wading through some murky waters. Of course, everyone wants to simply take advantage of the massive hype surrounding the amazing new currency. Well, now it’s as easy as pie. Never before could it be this easy to make money on the moves of the fastest moving asset on the planet.

For those unaware about the development of Bitcoin, just a few short months ago, this virtual currency was priced at under $200 and as of December of 2013, it was quoted above $1000 !!! It’s just an amazing story of how many investors and traders have pushed this currency higher as both a means of protecting cash from concerns about government sponsored “haircuts” like those in Cyprus from the early 2013 and also as a means of speculation.

bitcoin where But it’s not that easy to just go out and buy Bitcoin. In fact, it’s not legal everywhere. But trading binary options on Bitcoin is perfectly legal and even easy. To make money on the moves of the Bitcoin, you just need to make a few quick decisions:

1. The direction? (Up or Down)
2. How long you want to wait? (expiry)
3. How much to stake ?
4. Wait till expiry

It’s really that simple. Here’s what a trading screen for the Bitcoin trading looks like. Note how it’s just a price and a direction you need to really focus on. Not sure how to really trade this amazing currency? Get in touch with one of our experienced trading specialists today and learn everything you’ll ever need to know.

It’s really as easy as 1-2-3

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Amanda Castle

Working as Wealth management and investor training for GOptions. I focus on trading major currencies such as the EUR/USD and the USD/JPY. This can be applied for beginner traders and also professionals. The strategies I use to predict the market have been simple and easy to understand. Therefore, helping beginner traders bring up their success rates from simply guessing to being able to trade alone, and confidently.

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