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TOYOTA (US) 114.260 17:30 22.02
COLGATE-PALMOLIVE 73.085 17:30 22.02
FERRARI 65.855 17:30 22.02
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NZD/CAD 0.94522 17:30 22.02
ALIBABA 104.995 17:30 22.02
BOEING 175.425 17:30 22.02
PFIZER 33.705 17:30 22.02
AUD/USD 0.76870 17:30 22.02
AUD/JPY 87.211 17:30 22.02
GBP/USD 1.24415 17:30 22.02
EUR/USD 1.05560 17:30 22.02
GENERAL ELECTRIC 30.305 17:30 22.02
S&P 500 2362.140 17:30 22.02
JP MORGAN CHASE 90.965 17:30 22.02
METRO AG 29.860 17:30 22.02
SILVER 17.993 17:30 22.02
AIG 64.085 17:30 22.02
GOLD VS OIL 22.1128 17:30 22.02
OIL-MAR17(WTI CRUDE) 53.980 17:30 22.02
USD/CAD 1.31958 17:30 22.02
FTSE MIB F-MAR17 18867.500 17:30 22.02
GOLD 1233.564 17:30 22.02
DOW 20760.31 17:30 22.02
TELEFONICA 9.354 17:30 22.02
AUD/CAD 1.01435 17:30 22.02
DOLLAR INDEX-MAR17 101.390 17:30 22.02
3M 185.110 17:30 22.02
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By: Adam Stone
January 20th 2014 7:05am GMT, London UK


· All U.S based assets including stocks and Indices will not be available
· The end of the day for all Commodities will be 17:00GMT
· 60 sec trading will be available on preferred assets only from 17:00GMT

The dollar on Friday busted right through a number of very important levels and paved its way to further gains in the coming session. The only issue is that this rise came on the heals of a drop in some of the stock indices in the US. It’s not unheard of that the indices move one way while the dollar moves another. However, when the markets are simply unable to find consistent direction, you don’t expect the dollar to be able to forge ahead. But that’s precisely what occurred on Friday and it’s very possible that things will continue today. The dollar pushed right past 1.3555 agains the EUR this past Friday and the current support level is now 1.3517.

So the market today could be in for some interesting turns. For now the forex pair is on the up and currently trading near 1.3541.Despite our initial outlook on the pair, the current minor trend is on the up and up. The current short term resistance is likely to fall as the USD will have a hard time keeping its momentum in our opinion. The resistance is located at 1.3555 and a break could mean nice trading opportunities for binary traders starting with a break strategy that should work nicely considering the momentum levels. With the RSI on short term charts heading higher, a break of 1.3555 looks like a good time to go with Up options but not with end of day trades. Stick to 30-60 minute expiries with this one as things can get dicey on Mondays. We also don’t recommend employing reversal strategies for the time being. Even retests should be avoided as the overall momentum of the EUR/USD is likely to be tested and reversals, despite being in the direction of medium term trend, looks very high risk at the moment.

The only way this will change is if the RSI starts going neutral on us. If it does start to waver, then its off to the races with reversals on each and every test of 1.3555. The lower boundary (support at 1.3510) doesn’t look to be in any danger of even being tested in the coming 24 hours so stick with the upside view of the EUR/USD.

In other news, please note that the US stock market is closed today in honor of Martin Luther King. The bank holiday will likely mean lower liquidity and higher volatility on other indices as well as forex pairs. That’s also another reason why we recommend avoiding reversals unless of course the momentum as depicted on such indicators as the RSI, go flat. News on the day is expected to be very light and nothing in Europe will likely be able to deter the upward motion of the EUR/USD until it reaches the firing zone that is the resistance at 1.3555. Also, it is important to note that if this level does in fact fail to break fairly quickly, the market is likely to drop back down to test 1.3510, however this might take 24-48 hours to be reached, barring any dramatic news to hit the wires today.

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