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By: Adam Stone
March 13th 2014 7:15pm GMT, London UK
Assumptions in this life tend to lead us toward tendencies geared solely for the short term vision, irrespective of the dire events that we cause by maintaining and promoting for ourselves and loved ones this view.

We all know that long term is slower, more difficult, frustrating, less rewarding; the list goes on and on. Go ahead, try it yourself, think about what you want, what you really want, but solely base those thoughts on a long term view, let’s say based on a ten year plan. Where do you want to be in ten years time? What kinds of life can you/will you picture for yourself? Hard isn’t it! The reason being of course that in this day and age of stomach ulcers, heart attacks, daily stress, high cholesterol levels and “corporate America” we are all being coerced and manipulated to think, live, breathe and act in short term goals and expectations.

As a trader myself for a majority of my adult life, the question in my mind when choosing a trading firm/site/business to use seems firmly rooted in my fundamental feelings towards manipulation vs. inspiration. Of course as a trader I am inspired to create profits for myself, to provide for my loved ones short term and long term. The manipulation side is purely what I am willing to do to go get it. The “HOW” if you will.

Unfortunately every “broker” or options “provider” or “binary options platform” I came into contact with leaned more towards the solid and well versed reward, incentive, rebate, promotion or simpler manipulation style tactic. As in “you deposit now, and because we are the best, you will trade and win, and we will give you X, Y and Z if you do it now!”. Of course I am no fool, just another human being, influenced by the world around me, fed and taught to take offers, in fact the best offers I can find when trying to pick through the multitude of similar offers and grasps for my attention and money.

Fate however, had a greater plan for me after all. As if by chance I met my current business partner. Together we started reverse engineering what these trading companies and providers were truly about. Rather than go down the conventional route of attempting to create something similar, that based results purely on short term sales or profits generated, we started by simply asking the WHY? As in, WHY do we want to do what we do? Why be different at all? Why care about the customers? Why think about long term loyalty vs. short term payouts and payoffs…Why, why and the why!

Both my partner and I were avid traders and had managed trading floors previously. In my mind looking back that is most likely the main reason we decided to go down the route of the simplest form of trading known to man in the world today, namely – Binary Options Trading.

Both of us had seen, witnessed with our own eyes the breakdown of client to employee relationships a thousand times, the truth being the companies we ran and worked for before if asked, would never be able to answer the question of – Why are your customers trading with you? Or even better – Why are your employees working for you? The real fact of the situation is that this current world we live in is truly only geared towards short term fixes, Vs a design that works from the start. We all want to inspire and change the game we play, but are we all willing to step away from the easy short term? To step away from using the industry “standard” manipulations, incentives, fear based tactics and rebate systems that ALL of us have come to know and experience. Think about buying a washing machine, you enter the store and you find 4 models that can do the job you need. Guaranteed you go for the one with a “special offer/discount/cash rebate”, am I right?

Our vision was to provide the first ever black and white trading platform in the world. Where the goals of the employees and potential customers would intertwine with each other. Anti “short term” offers, a place devoid of the dark games and tricks of sellers looking to make a quick buck and move on. Simply put, we wanted ongoing loyalty not short term votes in order to win “the next election”.
Next we came to the HOW? Well, this required real research, plenty of dollars and hundreds of hours of negotiation in regards to investment goals and the business ethos we truly had to create in order to feel happy and to be able to go home and sleep at night! After truly sifting through the entire available market of options market makers, FX brokers, ECN and Equity exchanges and more, we happened upon three basic values that were seemingly NEVER and I mean NEVER met by anyone. Values that were always abused by providers, values that completely destroyed thousands of investors day in day out. A simple way to prove this point is this statement – “A majority of traders will always lose…”. You heard that before I guarantee it. My question along with my partners was simply WHY? Why in Gods green earth does that have to be? Let’s break the status quo!

Our core values;
1. Price transparency. A full guarantee on any and every price we had on offer
2. Battle plan management. Every customer, no matter the value received a full battle plan
3. Banking transparency. A full guarantee for same day remuneration of funds requested

These core values, bridled and coupled with a team of balanced and equally well supported staff, joined at the hip with the best technology money could buy and a further investment towards future design and development ensured our trading platform www.GOptions.com was a real success from the beginning. Don’t get me wrong, we were not profitable from day one, but that didn’t matter. The fact we would not abuse our staff, or customers for any value amount or short term goal ensured us a LOYAL and feedback driven customer base from the very start. More power to the people and more power to Binary Options traders everywhere!

GOptions the global binary options trading platform has more assets to trade than any other options make. The payouts offered by GOptions are at least 5% higher than any other options provider. The speed and efficiency of the service and servers outstrip the closest competitor by a ratio of 5/1. To be a member of staff you MUST HAVE at least two years of personal TRADING experience, not “sales experience”. The guarantees over price and banking, along with the core values of long term goal management and service truly mean that no other company or provider can come close. We as a whole influence the entire industry.

If you are interested in building something for more than just the short term GOptions is the only place to trade. If you are ready to learn how to plan, how to strategize, to execute and maintain high levels of successful trades, without the typical smoke and mirror tricks of false rewards and catch ridden promotions then GOptions is THE place you should come and visit.

Even if it is just to find out more, we commit ourselves and our futures to bringing real conversations to life in regards to trading and the potential risks vs. rewards. We speak candidly, truthfully and knowledgeably on any factor or point of interest. So if it is just for a friendly chat to find out more, or to open and start a real trading account geared solely to your long term gain. Or simply to find out if the above article is true, my new friends and potential colleagues welcome! Welcome one and all to the one and only true Global Binary Options Trading Platform – www.GOptions.com – A better future.

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Adam Stone
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Adam Stone

As COO of GOptions, my first and foremost goal is to provide traders with the most up to date info from the markets. I have been trading the markets since 2004 and have been involved with stocks, binary options, and forex trading since then. I have had no formal market education and pride myself on a self taught approach to everything related to trading. I try to focus though on both the technical and fundamental aspects related to each trading day and bring forward the most important aspects of risk/reward in the market.
Adam Stone
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