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Binary Option Traders who profited on Oil’s Nov. 4th’s swan dive from $96.47 to $94.58 should expect oil to swing higher after some early weakness as rising Brent crude prices, seem to lifting the US market. Oil prices are getting support from anticipated stronger US oil demand as more refiners complete post-summer maintenance and come back online. The apparent lack of progress in talks on easing sanctions on Iranian oil exports, have also been a factor in increasing the price of oil. Talks between six world powers and Iran failed to reach an agreement last week to curb Iran’s nuclear program. Iranian oil has been blocked from international markets because of sanctions imposed as part of an effort to prevent Iran’s enrichment of uranium. The prospect of Iranian oil flooding an already well-supplied market pressured Brent prices last week, while a better- than-expected U.S. jobs report buoyed West Texas Intermediate oil futures.

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