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By: Daniel Gant
December 31st 2013 3:07pm GMT, London UK
On Monday the EUR/USD started in a bearish mood but as the European market opened the pair changed the direction and climb up. The bullish sentiment was mainly caused by expectation of the market that the U.S. data come out worse-than-expected. As the U.S. Pending Home Sales came we really saw worse result than predicted. However this result is at least positive which first time after 5 months is. That means the U.S. housing data are improving however in a slower pace. The pair might test its support if the U.S. CB Consumer Confidence comes out as expected.

The USD/JPY pair added some points to its new 5-years maximum but the new resistance remains unbroken. This resistance will be probably strong so we should definitely pay attention to that level. From today till the rest of the week the Japanese market is closed. The market which will now direct the pair is U.S. market so we should keep an eye on today’s CB Consumer Confidence Index .

Price of Gold fell on Monday to $1,195 an ounce on a low demand. The physical market remained quiet and investors now waiting for after new years to get an advantage on the low price. Today the U.S. CB Consumer Confidence Index will be released and might influence the price. The predictions for next year are mostly in advance of selling positions. The price might test the lowest from this year soon and then to go even lower as the U.S. economy is recovering strongly.

Happy new years to all of you and wishing you a profitable 2014!

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