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Today is a critical day for the world of binary options traders and investors of stocks and forex. Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, the American central bank, will announce by how much the current round of quantitative easing will be tapered by. The general consensus is for a drop of about 10-15 billion USD in capital influx from the total 85 billion currently in play. This is very serious business and markets will be waiting with bated breath for this release later today.


Until then, binary options trading will likely be reliving the glory of some of the easiest and most profitable trades we’ve had in a while. Yesterday, the S&P did what it was expected to do by breaking above the critical 1700 level. We’ve been discussing this for days now, waiting for the momentum to build up just right and create the necessary formation for a break and we got what we waited for yesterday. It may sound odd to some traders that we are willing to wait such a long time for a solitary trade. Obviously we are involved in more recommendations for our VIPs than just 1 trade every 3 days.


But we do our best to stand up to our responsibility of finding almost sure things. Obviously there are no sure things but we can do everything in our power to make certain that the stakes you make while reading this analysis are based on that of lowering risk and not necessarily amplifying profits. It’s not that profits won’t come along, they surely will. But it’s not the first goal of our search in this regard. It’s safety first in this case.


For those binary options traders looking for more risk and the possibility of more trades to take advantage of in order to amplify profit taking, look no further than the current situation in the forex markets. Sure, the USD is basically being pinned down to the floor with no where to move. But the action today can change all that in a hurry. The planned tapering by the Fed is expected to be a USD negative and could push the USD further lower from its already weak 4 week low. The fact is, Ben Bernanke could help push the USD over the edge not only with the policy change, but rather with the rhetoric used to explain it all.


The words he chooses could provide wider scoped understanding of how fast and how far this tapering policy will be. After all, the current projection is for a drop of only about 15 billion. But if either this number is bigger or if Bernanke’s words lead the market to fear a much faster procession of tapering, then things will get very dicey for the USD based assets in the market. Be they forex pairs or stocks, things will be on their way down.


Things kick off at around 18:00 today and keep going for about an hour thereafter. So maintain vigilance while trading and be prepared for literally anything

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As COO of GOptions, my first and foremost goal is to provide traders with the most up to date info from the markets. I have been trading the markets since 2004 and have been involved with stocks, binary options, and forex trading since then. I have had no formal market education and pride myself on a self taught approach to everything related to trading. I try to focus though on both the technical and fundamental aspects related to each trading day and bring forward the most important aspects of risk/reward in the market.
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