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EUR/USD 1.07450 08:50 24.01
FTSE F-MAR17 7093.750 08:45 24.01
OIL-MAR17 (BRENT) 55.505 08:45 24.01
AUD/USD 0.75631 08:45 24.01
AUD/JPY 85.698 08:45 24.01
SILVER 17.135 08:45 24.01
GOLD/EUR 1129.125 08:45 24.01
OIL-FEB17(WTI CRUDE) 52.550 08:45 24.01
GOLD 1213.390 08:45 24.01
EUR/JPY 121.772 08:45 24.01
USD/JPY 113.315 08:45 24.01
EUR/USD 1.07445 08:40 24.01
AUD/CAD 1.00283 08:40 24.01
BitCoin/CNY 6346.460 08:30 24.01
FTSE F-MAR17 7091.750 08:30 24.01
USD/NOK 8.34993 08:30 24.01
OIL-MAR17 (BRENT) 55.685 08:30 24.01
NZD/USD 0.72226 08:30 24.01
AUD/USD 0.75621 08:30 24.01
AUD/JPY 85.670 08:30 24.01
EUR/USD 1.07473 08:30 24.01
VTB BANK 0.068765 08:30 24.01
ROSNEFT' 387.975 08:30 24.01
SILVER 17.135 08:30 24.01
GOLD VS OIL 21.7876 08:30 24.01
OIL-FEB17(WTI CRUDE) 52.550 08:30 24.01
USD/CAD 1.32694 08:30 24.01
S.BANK INDIA 255.925 08:30 24.01
AXIS BANK 449.200 08:30 24.01
TATA STEEL 461.975 08:30 24.01
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Markets were simply flabbergasted yesterday as the US Federal Reserve stunned the world by not actually tapering off its bond buy back program as was already widely accepted. Markets were already pricing in a contraction of the Fed’s quantitative easing plan but suddenly, last evening, the Fed had us all fooled. On the one hand, this sent markets shattering records as the bolted for new highs. On the other hand, the USD is showing the markets what this really means as it dropped hard. Binary options traders probably saw this strange dichotomy and wondered what the real direction of the market is.

The S&P flew higher on the news and finished the trading session up 1.22% to 1725. The move was very fast and furious and most traders, out of sheer mystification, probably weren’t quick enough to take full advantage of this massive move. Those binary options traders that were quick enough to take up options on the move saw a great return and the risk was just about at zero on this play. After all the move higher on the indices was quick but anyone watching had time to get involved as it was spread throughout the entire hour after the release of the news.


The USD though, which is the real benchmark of the American economy, dropped over a full percentage point, from around 1.3350 to 1.35 and is now trading near 1.3527. The move was fast, much like the one seen in the stock indices. Binary options traders were probably more focused on the forex pairs when the release was made and according to the dealing room, the move was well exploited by our customers. Profits for the hour after the release amounted to the largest hour of volume in the history of GOptions.


Furthermore, the single hour after the release accounted for the largest profit margins made by customers since the brokerage opened back in early 2012. According to Craig Edelweis of the dealing room, “the move in the EUR/USD was quick but manageable. Binary traders with eyes on glass managed to pull in amazing levels of profit and no one really expected that this could happen. After all, a sudden move usually catches traders off guard. But in this case, it was simply off to the races for traders using the platform. We saw a massive spike in volume and almost 87% of those trades were for Up options on the EUR/USD. Simply amazing”


For the day ahead in the financial markets, Initial Jobless Claims in the USD will be the focus. It is set for release at 12:30GMT today and the market is expecting a figure around 330k which is a big increase over last week’s 292k.


At 14:00 we get a slew of data from the US in the form of the Existing Homes Sales index, Philadelphia Manufacturing Index, and a few more minor indices. After yesterday’s session, it looks like today focus will remain to the upside, but expect a much more muted session.

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