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GOLD 1237.290 04:45 23.02
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USD/JPY 113.250 04:45 23.02
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NZD/JPY 81.665 04:30 23.02
AUD/USD 0.76893 04:30 23.02
AUD/JPY 87.078 04:30 23.02
SILVER 18.003 04:30 23.02
GOLD VS OIL 21.9592 04:30 23.02
OIL-MAR17(WTI CRUDE) 53.980 04:30 23.02
GOLD 1237.094 04:30 23.02
AUD/CAD 1.01061 04:30 23.02
TAIEX 9770.7 04:30 23.02
EUR/JPY 119.619 04:30 23.02
EUR/USD 1.05629 04:30 23.02
TOPIX 100 993.750 04:30 23.02
NIKKEI 225 19334.820 04:30 23.02
GOLD VS SILVER 68.7196 04:30 23.02
GOLD/EUR 1171.205 04:30 23.02
ASX F-MAR17 5759.500 04:30 23.02
NISSAN MOTOR 1111.7500 04:30 23.02
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It’s no secret that SpotOption is possibly the most innovative and technologically advanced binary options platform available among trading circles today. GOptions have taken the platform and further customized it with added products that have answered to the needs of the customer.

Binary options Trading Product Features

Binary options

Possibly the most commonly used option when trading in binary options. Traders at any time in their trading careers have used this feature. It’s the simple CALL (buy) or PUT (sell) option that is a safe haven, especially for novice traders.

Pairs Trading Binary Options

Pairs Trading

Ever felt like you know one asset will outperform another? Well, now you can make money on that idea. Using our PAIRS trading platform, you can try to make money on the performance of one asset over another.

Long Terms Binary Options

Long Terms

Traders that enjoy opening and keeping trades open for longer periods of time, from one week up to one year. The patient trader will benefit from waiting on the market changes to work in his/her favor.

Forex Trading

Forex and CFD trading

The best of both world’s binary and forex trading found on one interface. New to binary options trading, GOptions have developed the option for traders to enjoy Forex trading on the same platform. This particular derivative offers all forex trading assets that include Currency trading, CFD’s, Indices and Stocks just as one would find when trading on a typical forex platform.

Turbo Binary Options 60 Seconds

Turbo Trading

The thrill-seeking trader will enjoy profiting from the market in under 1 minute. With a selection of 30 seconds up to 300-second turbo trades, profits can be made fast and numerous smaller traders can be opened and closed in a short period of time. A great way to take advantage of small moves in the market or just learning how to trade.

One Touch Options

One touch

Price has to reach the goal rate only once in the following week, and the trader can earn the return percentage of their investment. This is a bit more challenging, as direction is not enough – it actually has to hit the target. However, the high payouts can make it well worth the while!

Ladder Binary Options

Ladder Option

Trading gets even more exciting! Traders get multiple strike prices with different dynamic payouts for each position, allowing for relatively high payouts for short term trades.  The Ladder is also available for the Japanese market, and fully compliant with the regulations of the JFSA.

Spot Follow Binary Options Strategy

Spot Follow

Traders can follow the platform’s most successful traders, and replicate their trading positions. This makes your platform social and more entertaining. Mostly, taking advantage of the profit potentials.




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