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pairs trading

Ever thought one asset will be able to outperform another asset ? Well now you can earn serious profits on that notion.


Our PAIRS TRADING Platform allows you to make money when one asset outperforms another. Just choose the pair you want to follow and off you go.

To Start, just login to the trading platform and look for “Pairs” in the menu of the trading window. To find it, just click “BINARY OPTIONS and then look for “PAIRS” in the sub menu. See the screen shot below.


Once clicked, you will see a fairly familiar trading window appear. The trading window is based on on the exact same parameters that a regular binary options is made of:

1. Asset (Just here you will find 2 assets; One against the Other)

2. Expiry

3. Payout

4. Investment Amount

Based on the time of day and the liquidity, pairs of assets will be created and will appear in the window. You will see pairs of stocks like Apple against IBM or commodities like Gold vs Silver 

The way it works is simple. 

1. Choose an asset pair

2. Decide which will get the better of the other before expiry

If the first of the pair (Gold in our example) is your choice, then click UP

If the latter (Silver in our example) is your choice, then click Down

3. Enter the investment amount and wait for expiry

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