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At GOptions, we take great pride in providing an amazing array of features to an already robust trading platform. What binary options traders can expect from us are the following list of features and much more. Learn more by clicking on any feature where you will acquire a detailed description on how our binary options platform features work and their uses.


Want to extend a trade to the next expiry? No problem, just click on Rollover and your trade will be extended to the next expiry.


The opportunity for traders to exit a current trade before the expiry time has been reached. This can either be to lock in a profit or to lessen the loss on a losing trade.


Market moving in your favor? Want to get another trade in quickly? Click Double Up and you are in the market in 1 click. Double the trade, double the profits.


A method that enables traders to accurately build the options trade of their choice. Select one of the 220 assets that are available, decide on the expiry time you want to close the trade on, trade on either method binary options, pairs trading, turbo trading, long term, one touch or ladder options. And begin to trade your way.


A feature that allows a trader to gain the ability to sell a trade even if the expiry has not arrived. Works as means of stop loss or even take profit. The function works both on profitable and losing trades alike.


Providing you with another way to making easy money, by simply refer your friends and family to our program. There are 3 easy ways to do this as a registered user, and to take full advantage of this offer you need to be logged into your account as a ‘user’.
1. Use your personalized link generated from your trading account
2. Send a bulk email to your ‘friends’ with your link included
3. Post your link on your Facebook account
There is no limit to the number of people you refer to the program. Each new account opened with a small deposit of $200.00 will benefit both parties. You earn $50.00 and the referred can earn up to 100% in bonuses.


Taking advantage of up to the minute market changes to optimize profits and trading opportunities. Presenting a new and accurate trading model that looks at technical and fundamental trading information collected throughout the day to produce a simpler, faster-trading decision that will enable accurate trading and maximum profits. This is all done by traders accessing Supertrader TV and viewing various signals, setups and mechanisms that guide traders to the correct time of entry, from a professionals point of view.


A product that presents you with GOptions 5 top Traders, Trades, Trends, and Assets. Visitors can view the updated data as it happens on a daily or weekly basis. This boundless source of information is perfect for motivating current and new traders to start trading with a set of goals in mind that are utterly attainable. Moreover, providing detailed data that offers an outlined guide on what to trade and when to enter and exit the markets. Seasoned traders are able to follow and document these winning trades and form strategies based on the accurate most current information published.


Never miss another trade again! For all traders on the move use the easily downloadable app that is compatible with all smartphone handheld devices. The app allows you to enter or exit new or existing trades or to take advantage or the volatile markets as changes are happening.


Not found on all SpotOption platforms, but offered to all investors at GOptions. The strategy advisor is a unique platform feature that takes the thinking and market research out of trading I in order for you to focus on the profits. By selecting one of 3 of the most popular trading strategies (RSI, Moving average or Bollinger Band) and allowing the 10-second script to be run where the system takes actual live information and past information on traded asset. The outcome will be the recommended direction that the traders should take in order to yield a profit on the asset trading within that time of expiry.


Although not a feature on the trading platform, it is a feature of our company. Our mission is to keep our customers’ funds as sacred. You want a withdrawal – you got it! We do this same day no questions asked for **eligible customers.




* See our terms and conditions in order to see how a bonus and other terms are reflected in our withdrawal policy
**See our terms and conditions for more information about withdrawal eligibility

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