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DOLLAR INDEX F. 97.418 21:00 24.04
USD/JPY 118.962 21:00 24.04
U.S 30 YEAR NOTE 162.6718 20:30 24.04
DOLLAR INDEX F. 97.120 20:30 24.04
Former NIKE 4.4848 20:30 24.04
EUR/JPY 129.183 20:15 24.04
SO U.S SPORT INDEX 91.648 20:00 24.04
SO U.S BEAR INDEX 48.927 20:00 24.04
SO TECHNOLOGY INDEX 119.510 20:00 24.04
SO U.S FINANCIALS 104.780 20:00 24.04
SO INTERNET INDEX 50.852 20:00 24.04
SO SOCIAL INDEX 136.976 20:00 24.04
SO RETAIL INDEX 50.6245 20:00 24.04
GENERAL ELECTRIC 26.815 20:00 24.04
ALIBABA 84.560 20:00 24.04
WEIBO 17.225 20:00 24.04
TESLA MOTORS 218.425 20:00 24.04
SINA 38.525 20:00 24.04
KING DIGITAL 16.770 20:00 24.04
MICRON 29.200 20:00 24.04
SANDISK 67.920 20:00 24.04
GOLD VS OIL 20.6020 20:00 24.04
AMAZON VS NETFLIX 0.79728 20:00 24.04
McDONALD'S VS STARBUCKS 0.0000 20:00 24.04
LINKEDIN VS TWITTER 5.1361 20:00 24.04

Platform Features

At GOptions we take great pride in providing an amazing array of features to an already robust trading platform. What binary options traders can expect from us are the following list of features and much more. Click on any one of them to learn more about how to use them. Learn by clicking on each to understand how our binary options platform features work in full

**Click on the icons below for a complete explanation of each feature


pairs tradingPAIRS TRADING: Ever felt like you know one asset will out-perform another? Well now you can make money on that idea. Using our PAIRS platform, you can try to make money on the performance of one asset over another.


BUY ME OUT: A feature that allows a trader to gain the ability to close a trade even if the expiry has not arrived. Works as means of stop loss or even take profit. The function works both on profitable and losing trades alike !


60 SECOND OPTIONS: Trade 60 Second Options with as little as $5 per trade. A great way to take advantage of small moves in the market or just learning how to trade.


ROLLOVER: Want to extend a trade to the next expiry? No problem, just click on Rollover and your trade will be extended to the next expiry.


DOUBLE UP: Market moving in your favor? Want to get another trade in quickly? Click Double Up and you are in the market in 1 click


NO HASSLE WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Although not a feature of the trading platform, it is a feature of our company. Our mission is to keep our customers’ funds as sacred. You want a withdrawal – you got it ! We do this same day no questions asked for eligible customers.

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