Introducing Binary Options Trading For Russian Traders

Russia is one of the major financial centres of the world that has a wealthy population of investors looking to take advantage of the investment benefits offered by the global financial markets. Binary options trading is a new concept in trading, and traders from Russia have embraced the product wholeheartedly, making it one of the most sought-out investment opportunities in the online marketplace.

Binary options trading is an exotic financial product that offers a fixed reward/loss for an investment. Binary options are offered as fixed time contracts, where profits and losses in trades are determined by the direction of the movement of an asset, or predetermined strike prices at the time of expiry of the options contract. Binary options trading provides an incredible opportunity for traders to minimise their capital outflow, and earn hefty returns that can be as high as 1500% for a single position. Conventional high/low products offer an average payout of up to 95% for winning trades, while losing trades may result in 75% to 100% loss in the invested amount.

New binary traders from Russia may find it difficult to find a foothold in the market, as the high-risk financial product has several risks that can make it unsuitable for novice traders. Even professional Russian binary options investors may seek to expand their reach to invest in more products and find new investment opportunities to earn increased profits from the markets. Our Binary Options Russia guide is designed to offer a comprehensive look at the relevance of binary options trading for Russian investors, and how traders can approach the markets to enjoy a secure trading environment for their investment needs.


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Popularity Of Binary Trading In Russia

Russia is rather inconspicuous in its approach to trading and investments, as its citizens are not as popular in the market as its EU or US counterparts. It may come as a surprise to many, but Russia is at the forefront of developing some of the most established Forex and binary options platforms in the industry. Forex trading has been an incredibly lucrative opportunity for Russian investors, as numerous Forex brokers and platform developers started their journey in Russia. A move to other popular jurisdictions in the EU, the US, and the Asia-Pacific was seen as an exercise to improve the exposure of these entities, in order to appeal to the general trading market. The US and the EU have always been synonymous with reliability and safety of investments, which is one of the better reasons why companies from Russia moved to countries with better regulatory standards, in order to improve their credibility among investors.


Binary options trading is also an amazingly popular investment product among Russian traders, as more and more investors are looking to try out new and interesting products to improve their trading bottom line. Of course, the results may vary from trader to trader, but binary options trading continues to gain prominence in the highly competitive Russian market. There are different iterations of binary options products and services, and traders have the option to either choose high-risk binary options products for higher returns or choose relatively low-risk options at the expense of reduced payouts.


Binary options companies play a significant part in increasing the popularity of binary options trading in Russia. Brokers are now offering incredible investment products and account packages, along with bonuses and promotional programs to impress affluent traders from the country. Although there are excellent trading products available for both retail and institutional traders, it is the responsibility of an investor to consider all the different aspects of binary options before choosing binary options trading as their preferred investment vehicle.


Binary Options Regulation & Its Legality Aspect In Russia

Binary options trading is completely legal in Russia, and neither the Russian Government nor any other regulatory authorities have implemented any severe restrictions on investing in binary options. Unlike the US or other parts of the world, traders have the freedom to indulge in binary options trading in its full glory. Russia is also open to incorporating several laws and guidelines to facilitate its citizens to invest in any binary options service, albeit with some reservations.

All income accrued through binary options trading is taxable in Russia, and the tax rates are determined according to the existing policies applicable to the investment market. Russia has traditionally been open to cross-border transactions, but due to the rise in financial malpractice and money laundering, the Russian Government has intervened with new laws and AML policies that require traders to follow certain guidelines while dealing with international payments.


However, if a trader follows all the existing guidelines imposed by the Government, there shouldn’t be any issues in trading binary options in Russia.


Russia has a large assortment of regulators that are dedicated to regulating and supervising companies operating in the Russian financial markets. Contrary to the policies adopted by other countries, Russia has eight different regulatory agencies, each responsible for individual markets, product, services, and other market constituents. In comparison, the US and other EU countries normally have one or two regulators at the most, which does make it slightly complex for binary options brokers operating in Russia.

Binary options brokers are primarily regulated by the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center, but may also be required to be authorised by other regulators as required by the authorities. The following are the leading regulatory agencies in Russia that are responsible for regulating financial companies:

  • Central Bank Of The Russian Federation – CBR
  • Financial Market Relations Regulation Center – CROFR
  • Federal Commission Of Securities Market – FCSM
  • Center For Regulation In OTC Financial Instruments And Technologies – CRFIN
  • Russian National Association Of Securities Market Participants – Naufor
  • Association Of Russian Banks – ARB
  • Association Of Regional Banks Of Russia – ASROS
  • Center For Regulatory Relations In The Financial Markets – CROFR

Some of these organisations are independent and autonomous agencies that work independently and without Government intervention. The group also includes several associations and other semi-autonomous agencies that cater to the needs of both the institution and the investor. Regardless, all regulatory agencies have to follow a basic regulatory framework that is created by the Russian Government to ensure that all financial products and services offered in the nation help in creating a transparent and secure financial market. Russian authorities are highly committed to safeguarding the integrity of the markets and ensure that both investors and companies are protected against financial scams.


Russian Binary Options Brokers

It is true that traders can enjoy better consistency and reliability while dealing with local companies, as the company and their representatives can be held accountable for their actions. Local businesses are also expected to comply with all the local statutes and guidelines, enabling traders to eradicate the need to have an in-depth understanding of all the rules that apply to a financial product. Local companies also fall within the purview of local authorities, which help in enhancing the trust and security of trading.

Since binary options trading is a relatively new investment products, companies and traders are still learning about the overall potential of the binary options industry. Several new companies are open to the idea of catering to Russian traders through a Russian-based financial brokerage, and there are indeed a few companies that have a thriving business in Russia. Of course, these binary options brokers in Russia may not be as advanced as international brokerages, but they do provide a high-quality service that can suit the requirements of traders through a personalised approach. Traders may also be able to receive custom-tailored account packages, especially by working with broker representatives on finding the best trading accounts that are suited to their requirements.


Trading With International Binary Options Brokers

Russian authorities have not banned their citizens from investing in overseas binary options brokers, but the Government does have some restrictions when it comes to international payments. Russia has been facing numerous threats to its financial integrity due to illegal money transfers, overseas money hoarding, and money laundering. Russian authorities also suspect its traders to use several online investment companies such as Binary options brokers and Forex exchanges to move money out of Russia. Therefore, it is common for traders from Russia to satisfy some mandatory legal requirements before investing money in an international binary options company.

Several companies from the EU, Asia, and Africa provide dedicated binary options brokerage services to investors from Russia. Brokers based in Europe are proving to be some of the most preferred companies for Russian investors, as EU regulation allows its regulated member companies to cater to a few countries that are approved by the EU derivatives. The European Union is also closer to Russia than the US and Africa, which makes it convenient for traders to invest their money in a European binary options broker.

Several international binary options companies strive to cater to a Russian audience by offering dedicated online resources, and websites translated to the Russian languages for a more personalised service. More often than not, international binary options brokers may offer far better services than local brokers in Russia, especially when it comes to the quality of products, payouts, platforms, and allied services. Hence, as a trader, you should compare different brokers and their services in detail, before choosing an option that is more suited to your trading requirements.


Top Factors To Consider Before Trading Binary Options In Russia

Binary options trading has its risks, regardless of where a trader is located. Despite the strong regulatory protection offered by leading regulators, binary options trading claims the almost the entire trading capital in circulation. If you are a trader from Russia, here are some careful considerations can keep you safe in the binary options trading market:

  • Choose a regulated company

The main priority for every trader is to trade with a regulated binary options broker that can guarantee a safe trading platform. Regulated companies are not only committed to protecting your trading capital against malpractices but can also offer reduced conflict of interest while trading the markets. You can also make your withdrawals on time, and never be worried about losing your money to a scam broker. You can choose any broker in Russia or an overseas financial company, but ensure that you choose an authorised company every time.

  • Understand the legal aspect of binary options trading in Russia

Binary options do not have any severe restrictions in Russia, but it is good to know the rules governing payments and money transfer. The income derived from binary options trading may be taxable, but you can reduce your expenses by hiring a certified financial analyst or an accountant. Professional guidance is vital to ensure that you follow all the rules, without taking any risks with your hard-earned money.

  • Have a proper understanding of the market risks

Binary options trading can be one of the riskiest investment opportunities, particularly for amateur traders. If you try to gamble your money, you are most likely to lose your entire investments, unless you are incredibly fortunate to be on a continued lucky streak. Binary options trading is similar to gambling in many ways, as the house odds are too high for traders to break even with a simple trading strategy. You can only beat the house, and the markets, by being aware of all the risks associated with binary options trading.

  • Only Invest with money that you can afford to lose

If you are planning on using your savings for trading the binary options market, or if you can’t afford to lose the money, DO NOT invest in binary options. Instead, use a demo account to trade the markets until you can raise enough money to trade the markets without making any significant changes to your lifestyle.  Binary options trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme and should be considered as a viable investment alternative.

There have been widespread financial scams orchestrated by brokers based in Russia, and there is also a wide amount of concern in the international trading community about the authenticity of companies based out of Russia. However, there have been some recent changes in the way Russia authorises its companies to operate in the market, which has led to a considerably safer environment for investors. In the case of any complaints, investors can alert their authorities about the potential conflict, which not only help in finding a solution, but it will also help the regulatory agencies to investigate such claims in a detailed manner. Of course, if there isn’t any sustenance in these complaints, regulators will rule in favour of the companies, thereby ensuring a fair and transparent investigation process.


Binary Options Trading In Russia – A Conclusion

Binary options traders from Russia have some of the best trading environments when it comes to choosing high-risk products such as binary options trading. Unlike countries that ban any new products or impose trading restrictions, Russia is relatively an open market where traders have the freedom to invest their money in any venture as they desire. Of course, it also helps that traders are given the option to open an account at a binary options broker based in Russia, or to sign up for an account at any international brokerage, provided they follow all the laws applicable to such trading activities. Always make it a priority to get yourself familiarised with the local laws that are applicable in your jurisdiction, which can help prevent any complications in the future.