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By: Adam Stone
February 25th 2014 7:20am GMT, London UK

US stocks reach new record highs amid talk of mergers and acquisitions which leads to surge on Wall Street. The push from news that many US public companies are seeking out acquisitions of other companies or of the thought of merging has created a worldwide stock rush that hit the Asian session in the last hours. The NIKKEI shot higher as a result of the uplift in the US markets and this could set the tone for a very positive session in Europe today. Although the records set on Wall Street were rather temporary, with the S&P reaching an intraday high of 1858.71 but settling for a lower close than the previous record high, things look very positive for the US.

The close just below the record high at 1850.48. This level will be the point of interest for binary options traders today. Any test of this level will set in motion reversal strategies. Despite the momentum heading upwards, binary options traders will likely at least take a stab at reversals on any test. This means, a move to test at 1850 will lead binary traders to take down options. But be warned, the momentum higher has thus far been very strong with RSI and other indicators pointing higher. Binary options traders tend to focus less on such momentum indicators but on a day like today, trading without them could spell disaster. If the market fails to test and then retest but rather goes straight for the jugular and breaks, reversal strategists will simply lose. So pay close attention to what the market throws at you today. Be very careful.

Deals between Netflix, an asset available to trade with binary options, and Comcast let many media and tech stocks higher. In fact, the NASDAQ closed at a 14 year high. Again, this simply spells more optimism in an already inflating market. Although most of January and February were rather dreary, things are heating up in a serious way now. It looks as the markets feel as though the worst is behind us and economic news has been steady. From a purely economic standpoint however, this steadiness isn’t really congruent with the rise we’ve seen in stocks these last 7 trading sessions. Fundamental analysis actually points to a more subdued rise, if any, for stocks and as such, many analysts are expecting minor corrections in the coming sessions.

Nonetheless, price action isn’t showing this. Chartists will be looking at the uptrend and will see nary a cloud of negativity to be found.

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Adam Stone
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Adam Stone

As COO of GOptions, my first and foremost goal is to provide traders with the most up to date info from the markets. I have been trading the markets since 2004 and have been involved with stocks, binary options, and forex trading since then. I have had no formal market education and pride myself on a self taught approach to everything related to trading. I try to focus though on both the technical and fundamental aspects related to each trading day and bring forward the most important aspects of risk/reward in the market.
Adam Stone
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