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By: Adam Stone
July 17th, 2015 5:02am GMT, London UK

Today’s Binary Options Trading Strategy:
• Equity Index: S&P 500
• Timeframe: H4 (Hourly Chart)
• Binary Option Trading Recommendation: Seek binary put options on rallies above 2,120.00
• Upside Potential: The downside potential for this binary put option is 7,500 pips to 2,045.00
• Downside Potential: The upside potential for this binary put option is 1,700 pips to 2,137.00

The S&P500 has recovered from its corrective phase which took this equity index from its intra-day high of 2,129.50 recorded on June 22nd 2015 to its intra-day low of 2,042.75 reached on July 6th 2015. After briefly trading around its horizontal support level the S&P 500 moved to the upside and reversed its corrective phase. This equity index has now set a lower high with an intra-day high of 2,125.00 which was recorded yesterday on July 16th 2015 and a descending resistance level emerged. How do you trade binary options? It is very simple to take advantage of today’s binary option trading recommendation through your online broker as this equity index is offered as an asset class.

S&P 500

Price action is currently trading inside of its horizontal resistance level which is being enforced by its descending resistance level. The S&P 500 is expected to reverse its advance and enter a new corrective phase. Binary options traders can profit from the anticipated reversal with binary put options. Today’s binary options trading strategy suggests put options to be placed on rallies above 2,120.00 for a risk/reward ratio of 1.0/4.41.

The S&P 500 was exposed to a contraction in volatility as this equity index advanced from its horizontal support level back into its horizontal resistance level. Binary option traders who are seeking to enter put options in the S&P 500 are advised to account for a volatility spike as price action is trading at a major resistance level and buyers and sellers are set to test this area. Buyers are anticipated to attempt a breakout in order to extend the current advance, but sellers are favored to force a full price action reversal which will lead the way down to its horizontal support level.

The first support level is located at its intra-day high of 2,090.75 which was reached on June 29th 2015. This level marks the high after a gap to the downside. A breakdown below this level will take the S&P 500 to its intra-day low of 2,055.00 which was also recorded on June 29th 2015. This level represents the upper end of its horizontal support level. The final support level awaits this equity index at its intra-day low of 2,042.75 which was reached on July 6th 2015.

The following economic data out of the United States is expected to impact the S&P 500:
Housing Starts & Building Permits for the month of June:
• Expectations: An increase of 7.0% in housing starts is expected for the month of June, a contraction of 8.0% in building permits
• Previous Report’s Data: A contraction of 11.1% in housing starts was reported in the month of May, an increase of 11.8% in building permits
• Impact on the S&P500: The expected contraction in building permits is likely to apply downward pressure on the S&P 500 which favors binary put options in the this equity index

In addition the following economic report out of the United States is also expected to impact the S&P 500:
Annualized Consumer Price Index & Core Consumer Price Index for the month of June:
• Expectations: An annualized increase of 0.1% in the CPI is expected for the month of June, an annualized increase of 1.8% in the core CPI
• Previous Report’s Data: An annualized level of 0.0% in the CPI was reported in the month of May, an annualized increase of 1.7% in the core CPI
• Impact on the S&P500: The anticipated annualized increase in the CPI and core CPI may not suffice to pressure this equity index to the upside; this favors binary put options in the S&P 500

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As COO of GOptions, my first and foremost goal is to provide traders with the most up to date info from the markets. I have been trading the markets since 2004 and have been involved with stocks, binary options, and forex trading since then. I have had no formal market education and pride myself on a self taught approach to everything related to trading. I try to focus though on both the technical and fundamental aspects related to each trading day and bring forward the most important aspects of risk/reward in the market.
Adam Stone
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