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By: Daniel Gant
January 10th 2014 10:20am GMT, London UK
The EUR/USD pair fell immediately as the European central bank president Mario Draghi started his press conference. In his speech he pointed on slightly better condition on the Euro market. We should remind that 2 years ago Euro-zone was on the edge of existence of the single currency. The speech was in the beginning very dovish what pushed the pair down to its support level at 1.3550. After that the sentiment changed and the pair started to rise. The upper movement might be effect of speculation starting before today’s U.S. Non-farm payrolls data. The data will come out at 1.30PM (GMT) as well as Unemployment rate and Average Hourly Earnings. Last two figures beat the expectation so the market now awaiting another high numbers.

The GBP/USD pair was traded yesterday sideways despite bullish mood after the unchanged value of Asset Purchase Facility. The pair was affected by the Draghi’s speech as well and that’s why the pair did not manage to climb above 1.6490 level but already broke its resistance at 1.6470. Today at 9.30AM (GMT) the U.K. Manufacturing Production will be released. Usually the estimation meets the actual number but we saw in October very different number (-1.2% instead of 0.3%) which caused high volatility. At 1.30PM (GMT) the pair will be affected by the U.S. labour data and at 3.00PM (GMT) we should pay attention to the U.K. GDP estimate.

Yesterday the USD/JPY pair again tried to test the resistance at 105.10 but lost the momentum and dropped back to 104.60. The pair has been moving sideways already for two days between the 104.60 and 105.10 level. The lack of movement can be explained by the lack of economic data. However, today we expect significant movement on the market as the U.S. Non-farm payrolls comes out.

The price of Gold increased to $1,231 an ounce during yesterday’s trading hours. The price continued its upper-movement also during the Asian session and the current price is $1,334 an ounce. The bullish mood is supported by stronger physical demand but later on as the U.S. Non-farm payrolls data comes out we might see drop (supposing the data are good). That’s why we suggest waiting for signal from the market and being careful with buying positions.

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