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By: Daniel Gant
March 10th 2014 8:33pm GMT, London UK

Last week the EUR/USD pair climbed on the highest price since October 2011 and touched 1.3915 where reversed. The main reason for this strengthening was European Bank decision not to act against low inflation due to further progress in data. Mario Draghi, chairman of ECB, corrected forecast for economic growth in 2014 from 1.1% to 1.2% and stressed that inflation should pick up by 2016 to 1.7%. Then the expectations of disappointing data from U.S. pulled the pair all the way above 1.39 level. However, as the U.S. Non-farm payrolls data came out better-than-expected the pair managed to slide to 1.3850. This week should not be that busy on economic data. The main event we should pay attention to is U.S. Retail Sales on Thursday. On Friday may be published Moody’s EU Sovereign debt rating.

Last week the USD/JPY pair strengthened from 101.20 to almost 103.80. The pair was first driven by Yen which erased its previous profits gained due to tension in Ukraine. On Friday the pair jumped 100 pips because of the better-than-expected Non-farm payrolls data which were good enough to continue tapering in next FOMC meeting. This week the Japanese Monetary Policy Statement will be released on Tuesday followed by BoJ Press Conference. That event will be probably the main event of the week with higher volatility occurring. On Thursday we should watch the U.S. Retail Sales data.

The GBP/USD has continued its sideways movement between 1.6650 and 1.6780. The pair first increased before the U.S. Non-farm payrolls due to expectation over the data as well as due to good performance of U.K. economy. This week we should keep an eye on the U.K. Manufacturing Production and Inflation Hearings which will be released on Tuesday. The U.K. economy is expected to reach the pre-recession peak soon which will make some upper-pressure on the pair as well. On Tuesday do not forget about the U.S. Retail Sales.

Last week the price of Gold first fell from $1,356/ounce to $1,330/ounce as the crisis over Ukraine fade off and the Gold as a safe-haven assed lost its shine. The price of Gold was then again launched to the $1,350/ounce area on Thursday due to another tension over Ukraine-Russia conflict and supported by expectation over Friday’s Non-farm payrolls. As the labour data came out better-than-expected the price returned back to $1,330/ounce. We see that those movement are enough foe binary option traders to place good trades. We expect that this week the price will be affected by continues tension in Ukraine and by physical demand. With lower price we might see picking up in the demand for physical asset.

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