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By: Daniel Gant
March 4th 2014 7:30pm GMT, London UK

The pairing has been steadfast in moving in favor of the euro from Tuesday morning. There has been only a few financial news events and just one in particular that could have had any impact on the pairing, namely Spanish Unemployment change which came out slightly positive.

The ECB is currently under constant pressure to take direction and improve the rather weak euro zone economy, positive news from Germany, the largest economy in the euro zone, is looked at on a positive note.
In the U.S market sentiment to a lesser extent expresses confidence about the US economy, recent U.S data have not been good, and the dollar will find itself under pressure this week if the U.S numbers does not show some sort of improvement.
The pairing has moved in an upward direction as of Tuesday morning, pointing to gains in a long position. This is consistent with the pair’s current movement, as the euro has edged higher against the dollar.
The outlook leans towards a sideways trend.

The pairing recovered from some of the lost ground yesterday helped by better market sentiment amid easing tensions in Ukraine. The gains were mainly influenced in today’s session as risk aversion eased and traders went looking to add a bit more risk after Russia ordered troops to return to their barracks. President Putin claimed that the Russia build up was a simple exercise ordered and planned before the tensions with the Ukraine. The GBP/USD however was weighed by disappointing UK construction PMI and dropped all the way back to opening levels of this morning’s session.
The outlook leans towards a sideways trend.

Although gold rallied sharply on Monday as geopolitical tensions mounted after Russia’s parliament authorized President Putin to use military force in Ukraine. Gold prices declined over 1% this morning, as investor’s and trader’s alike feeding their demand for safe haven assets declined as tensions over the political and military crisis between Russian and Ukraine eased. Speaking at press conference earlier in the day, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he currently sees no need to use military force in Ukraine, but Russia has the option to do so. He added that use of military force is a choice of last resort.
Gold prices were already on the decline as the chance of military conflict in Ukraine eased after the Russian defense minister ordered troops engaged in military exercises close to Ukraine’s borders to return to their bases.
The outlook leans towards a downwards trend.

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