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GOptions offers traders a range of trading platforms for binary options trading.
We know that not all traders are created equal. Each trader has his or her own needs and desires. That’s why we offer both simple as well as advanced trading modules. The platforms are simply the most advanced trading platforms for binary options: allowing traders to take advantage of over 100 assets from more than 30 countries worldwide! The company has already won several prestigious awards for its trading platform, speed of execution, and service. You can access all of these trading platforms from 1 account – what could be simpler?

Choose From:

1. Binary Options Platform

2. Option Builder

3. One Touch Options Platform

4. 60 Second Options

5. Pairs


1. Binary Options Platform

The “Binary Options Platform” is our most versatile and easy to use trading system. The trading platform will allow new traders and advanced users to open trades on all the available trading assets GOptions has to offer (A). You can choose your expiry at the top right of the trading window (D). Choose whether you are taking an UP/Above option or a DOWN/Below option (C). The payout if you are right appears to the right (E).

The strike you are aiming to be above or below at the expiry appears directly between the UP and DOWN buttons.

What’s great in this platform is that use of a chart (B). You can see where the market was and try to ascertain where it’s going directly in the trade window. No need to run and look for charting tools  – you see it all right on the screen.

Another great feature of this trading platform is the “Trader’s Choice”. Here you can see what other traders just like you are doing right now. You can see if more traders are of the belief that the market is heading higher or lower. It provides a little insight into trading psychology.

Once the trade is executed, the trading system will automatically monitor your trade, and exit the trade at the appointed time without you even needing to be logged into the system or in front of your computer. The system will send an email notification with the closing status for EVERY TRADE.

Under the trading area, you can see all of your open trades and monitor them while you are online if you choose.

trading screen explained

2. Option Builder

Using the Options Builder is a unique and advanced opportunity for traders to literally build the option of their choice. You can customize the parameters of a trade to your own individual trading strategies. It is particularly useful for more experienced traders who understand the market and would like more flexibility in order to create their own trading style.

Freedom to Trade with Your Own Winning Strategy

Once you’ve grasped the fundamentals of binary trading and market analysis, the option builder allows you to customize your trades by letting you set the exact expiry time and risk level in addition to choosing which asset and how much you want to invest.

You begin with the basic decisions you make with any trade: Which asset, and how much you’d like to invest. For example, if you believe that the price of oil will rise in exactly three hours, then simply choose “oil” from the drop down menu, and select the correct expiry time, and select “call”. If however, you think the trade might be risky, choose a 55% profit level with 30% insurance, to protect your investment.

Maximum Profit from Maximum Flexibility

With the Option Builder, trades are not limited to standardized expiry times or risk levels. You can trade in the way that’s best for you, controlling your own risk and your own trading schedule to create the strategy that will yield the most.

How the Option Builder works:

1. Select the asset you want to trade

2. Choose an expiry time within 4 hours of the time you’re placing the trade.

3. Choose the profit control risk level that you’d like, from the drop down menu.

4. Click “CALL” if you think the price will rise above the current rate at the expiry, or click “PUT” if you think the price will fall below the current rate at the expiry.

5. Enter the amount you want to invest and click “Apply.”


3. One Touch Options Platform

The GOptions One Touch platform works on a slightly different scale of expiration than the rest of the our platforms with a WHOLE different level of payouts; Which can reach a simply amazing level of even 500% !

As opposed to the Digital Option Pro system, the One Touch platform comes with predefined rates needed to earn on a trade depending on the actual rate at the time you’re executin your trade. This type of option is useful for traders who believe that the price of an underlying asset will exceed a certain level in the future, but who are unsure about the sustainability of the higher price.

The Expiration of One Touch options is every week on Friday at the end of the trading day for the specific asset, while the platform automatically checks to see if you’re in the money on the trade at the end of the day.

If you’re in the money on any active day of the One Touch trade at the closing time, the system will immediately opt you out of the trade, earning you a payout of up to 500%.

If you’re out of the money on any given day, the trade will continue until Friday, continuously checking each day to see if your trade has gained the rate needed to declare a win.


4. 60 Second Options Platform

Trade 60 Second Options with as little as $5 per trade. A great way to take advantage of small moves in the market or just learning how to trade.

They are available on specific assets so to learn more about them, simply click on the icon to the left now. You can learn everything you need to know there.

You can also trade 30 second and 120 second options

60 second binary options trading

60 second binary options trading

5. Pairs Trading

Ever wondered if there was a way to profit by pinning 2 assets against eachother? Now you can. Think IBM can outperform Apple today? Simply click on Pairs and see what assets are available to go head to head against each0ther

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