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To Withdraw funds from your GOptions binary option trading account, simply follow these 3 easy steps:


1. Log into your account. You can do so at the top of this page. 

2. Once logged in, you will be in the my account section. On the left side will appear a menu. Simply click on the “Withdrawals” button.


3. Simply enter the amount you wish to remove from your account and have returned to you and it will be done instantly*
*It is important to note that GOptions will return your funds using the same payment method you used for the deposit. So if you made a deposit using a Credit Card, we will return your funds to the same credit card.


It is also important for you as a trader to make sure that you request the right amount to be returned. If you received a cash bonus to your trading account, in order to withdraw all or part of that amount, you will have had to complete the required volume.


If you have yet to do so, please revise the Withdrawal Request to the correct amount. If at any time you are having any trouble making a withdrawal, contact us at once and we will assist in the matter.


From time to time, the company may request documentation to support your withdrawal This is to ensure that no identity theft is being carried out which could cause you as a customer serious harm. GOptions takes every precaution to verify its customers so as to avoid such occurrences. These are called verification documents and include: ID, Utility Bill or Proof Of Address, as well as the credit card used (front and back but the CVV number as well as all the digits of the card used other than the last 4, should be covered for your own protection). 


GOptions guarantees the fastest withdrawal possible**



**Terms of the withdrawal policies can be found in our terms and conditions

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