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Welcome to GOptions.com, a site devoted to giving you all of the information that you need to understand binary options trading and the foreign exchange market (Forex). On our website, you’ll be able to find news, tips, and strategies for trading these financial options. Our goal is to keep you informed in order to help you get the best results possible when trading binary options or on the Forex market.

One of our key services is offering reviews of binary options brokers. We understand that many investors have serious questions about the integrity of such brokers, particularly given warnings about fraud that have come from regulatory agencies around the world. That can be enough to turn off many potential investors by scaring them away from legitimate sites.

Here, you’ll be able to read about all of the top brokers in the industry today, learning the pros and cons of each one in order to decide which one offers the service that is best for you. We’ll make sure that you stay away not only from scammers, but also those who would charge outrageous fees or provide you with costly advice. Instead, our team of experts will direct you only to trusted, reputable brokers and show you exactly why we’re willing to put our confidence in them, allowing you to worry about what trades to make rather than whether or not your money is safe.


Tips and Tricks

Our services go well beyond helping you choose a broker. Our goal is to make you the best trader possible, and we’ll do that by sharing some of the most important secrets that top traders have refined in order to take full advantage of these markets. We have experts with years of success trading binary options and grinding out profits on the Forex markets who are ready to share their insider knowledge with you in order to spread the wealth to as many people as possible.

Part of staying on top of these options is having the most recent information possible. That’s why we also provide the latest news that our readers need in order to ensure that they stay one step ahead of the competition. You’ll never be out of the loop at GOptions.com: whatever we know, you know. While we can’t guarantee the results of your trades, we strive to make sure you have every advantage possible in an industry where information is critical.


About Binary Options

Binary options are a type of financial options in which trades either pay a fixed amount or nothing at all based on the performance of an underlying asset. This functionality has led to them sometimes being known as all-or-nothing options, or fixed return options.

The underlying principle of these options is simple: traders attempt to predict whether or not a particular asset – usually the price of a particular currency or commodity – will be above a set price at a given time in the future. Users who believe the price will be above the mark buy the options, while those that believe it will fall below that price will sell it.

Traditionally, these options are worth $100 if they settle above the price, while they will expire at $0 if the asset is below the target price. The trading price of these instruments varies based on the perceived value on each option. There is also a spread between the bid and offer prices; a trader may be able to buy a binary at $55 or sell it at $53, for instance.


 About Forex

Forex, or the foreign exchange market, is where currencies are traded across the globe. It is by far the largest trading market in the world, as major international banks endlessly trade currencies with countless other entities on a regular basis, all the way down to individuals simply looking to exchange cash when they arrive in a foreign vacation destination.

Most Forex transactions are rather simple: one party purchases some of one currency by paying with an amount of another currency. These is no absolute value for any particular currency; instead, each currency receives a relative value by determining how much it is worth compared to others. For instance, 1 USD might be worth .76 British Pounds, 1.26 Canadian Dollars, and 110 Japanese Yen.


The Risks of Trading

Please be aware that speculative trading in any market, including Forex, binary options, futures, stocks, and other financial instruments, comes with a great deal of risk. There are no guarantees of any returns, and investors should never risk more than they can afford to lose. Furthermore, trading on margin has the potential of resulting in losses that are greater than your initial investment. These trades may not be suitable for all investors.

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