Introduction To Binary Robot 365 Trading

Manual trading is perhaps one of the most preferred modes of investment in the binary options market, mainly due to the excitement factor involved in wagering on the fluctuations of the market. Binary options trading has some keen similarities with gambling, which is why several traditional investors strive to stay away from binary options trading. Several countries have also banned the concept, but several financial centres have embraced the idea by allowing their citizens to invest freely in the high-risk product.

Binary options trading has many potential hazards, mainly the psychological aspects of trading. It is certainly challenging to make a profit in binary options unless traders are committed to their cause and are able to control their emotions to stay on top of the market realities. Regardless of consistent efforts towards increasing profits, it is common for traders to fall short of achieving their full potential, thereby necessitating the need for external trading assistance.


Automated trading and binary options trading robots are proving to be one of the most popular tools in the market that has managed to make a difference in trading performance. Binary trading bots are not only employed by amateur traders, but professional traders are known to use them extensively to supplement their manual trading strategies. In fact, a majority of institutional investors use some kind of automated trading platform for their investment strategies, and the same can be held true for binary options traders as well.


Binary Robot 365 is an amazing binary options bot that offers a low-cost alternative to some of the more expensive automated trading programs available in the market. The service provider has hinted at consistently successful performance throughout its history, and we will attempt to discover whether Binary Robot 365 is indeed useful for your trading requirements.




Is Binary Robot 365 Regulated? Some Basic Company Facts

It is impossible to find a regulated automated trading service, as most of the support services available in the market are neither approved nor regulated by any existing regulatory organisation. Unlike binary options brokers, regulators and government agencies recommend traders to stay away from any support services such as signals or trading robots, as they may have a direct conflict of interest with the trader. Trading with an unknown binary options bot is also inherently risky, as it can result in a loss of the entire investment. If unchecked, a trading bot can also syphon off money from unsuspecting users, or in extreme cases, indulge in fraudulent activities that may result in an adverse environment for traders.

There have also been cases where binary options bots have used personal identities of traders for malicious activities. However, in the case of Binary Robot 365, traders have no reason to worry about any such instances, as the company has been enjoying a positive reputation among existing customers. Of course, Binary Robot 365 is not regulated by any authority, neither has the company specified its current location or affiliations. Since Binary Robot 365 does not deal with any finances directly, it is not absolutely imperative for the company to be regulated.

Nevertheless, traders would have felt a bit safer if Binary Robot 365 offered any extensive company facts, or if the broker invested a bit more resources into being regulated. Regardless of the regulatory status of Binary Robot 365, you should be more concerned about your choice of broker, as Binary Robot 365 is merely a link between you and your trading account. The service does provide access to a wide range of brokers, but it is the responsibility of a trader to choose a regulated service for their investment. In order to understand the inner workings of Binary Robot 365 and the automated trading principles, we will take a closer look at how the service works in live trading conditions.


Automated Binary Options Trading With Binary Robot 365

Binary Robot 365 is not any independent add-on or plugin that can be installed or attached to a trading platform for automated trading. Traditionally, trading bots are programs that should be installed as separate entities and will require master account information to access the trading accounts. On the contrary, Binary Robot 365 works as a middle-man, where all trade recommendations and robot trading are facilitated through an online platform. Traders are not required to download any additional trading platforms, neither are they required to access the broker’s web trading interface. All trading activities are carried out through the dedicated Binary Robot 365 online trading interface.

Binary Robot 365 will not work with existing accounts, as traders are required to open a new binary options trading account through the Binary Robot 365 interface. There isn’t any subscription model attached with the service, as the company earns its revenue through affiliate commissions. Therefore, the broker only allows users access to the online trading interface for users who have opened a verified brokerage account through the Binary Robot 365 link. The following are the most recommended binary options brokers that are supported by the Binary Robot 365 trading program:

  • 24Option
  • EmpireOption
  • Tradorax
  • BinaryTilt
  • TorOption
  • PlusOption
  • FMTrader
  • StockPair

Unfortunately, Binary Robot 365 does not offer any other brokers at this time. It is imperative for traders to have an actual verified account before commencing trading. Binary Robot 365 will always verify your account standing by cross-referencing your account data with their own internal affiliate dashboard; and if there are any discrepancies, the broker will ask you to open a new account through its platform or send a verification link confirming the affiliate signup. Hence, it is vital for you to only deposit money after receiving the confirmation from Binary Robot 365, and never try to add your existing binary trading account to the Binary Robot 365 platform.

Once you have your account set up, you can start investing in the markets through the automated trading program, where trades are carried out automatically by the interface. Traders are expected to modify their trading parameters and should have a proactive approach towards automated trading, but once you specify your trading inputs, the robot will start trading on your behalf. There are different parameters by which traders can tweak their robots, and the profit and loss of trading can ultimately depend on the parameters chosen by the trader.


Binary Robot 365 Platform & Trading Flexibility

The Binary Robot 365 trading platform is entirely based on an online trading interface and does not require any installations. However, the company does specify a few minimum version requirements, as continued platform developments will require traders to have the latest web browser installed on their device. Trading with Binary Robot 365 also does not involve any steep learning curve, as traders can quite comfortably start trading as soon as they set up their trading account. We can’t stress enough that Binary Robot 365 is only available for traders if they open an account through their binary automated trading platform.


If you are new to automated trading and have an already existing account with a broker, you should go about opening a new account through the Binary Robot 365 interface and transfer your money to your new broker.


If you are concerned about the reliability of trading a new broker and are comfortable with continuing trading with your existing broker, check whether Binary Robot 365 supports your preferred broker by checking their recommended brokers list. Binary Robot 365 works with some of the leading companies in the market, and there is a chance that the automated program may support your requirements. Simply get in touch with the broker’s customer service department, and inform them about your reasons to switch to a new account through Binary Robot 365. In most cases, the broker will help you to make the transition smoothly, but if you are unable to receive professional assistance, you may be required to open an account from scratch.




Binary Robot 365 Mobile Apps

We were astonished to find that the company hasn’t offered any dedicated app for Android or iOS, as all trading activities are accomplished through the web browser. Mobile users will have to access the Binary Robot 365 program on their devices’ web browser, but the company guarantees excellent compatibility for both smartphones and tablets. As the platform is based on a responsive interface, the Binary Robot 365 mobile platform does offer all the features and functionalities through a mobile device, although with a small compromise on the available screen space. Nevertheless, it is vital for the service provider to ensure that it has a dedicated app for all devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.


Binary Robot 365 Trading Parameters

Once you have your account set up, the Binary Robot 365 platform presents you with an opportunity to turn the bot ON or OFF. The bot will be ON in the default position, but you should turn it OFF to modify the settings, as you wouldn’t want the bot to take trades before entering your trading preferences. You can easily change the trading parameters by accessing the settings page, where you are given the option of choosing your preferred trading assets, the time of expiry, the trading method, and your investment amount. Here are some of the primary settings that will allow you to modify your trades:

Choice of Assets: There are eight different Forex pairs supported by Binary Robot 365, which is a bit low when compared to other automated trading programs. The program doesn’t grant access to any other assets, but since the binary robot is used to increase profits, traders shouldn’t be too concerned about the lack of any additional financial instruments. The eight currency pairs comprise of the EUR/USD, the USD/JPY, the GBP/USD, the EUR/JPY, the USD/CHF, the AUD/USD, the USD/CAD, and the EUR/GBP, which are some of the most widely traded currency pairs in the market. It is up to the trader to decide which pairs they prefer, and can even select multiple assets according to their preferences.

Investment Amount: Binary Robot 365 is a trading bot, and it is not recommended to invest large sums of money, owing to the unpredictable nature of the system. The program allows its users to invest any amount ranging from $10 to $500, which should help in reducing risk to the trader. If we are a bit disappointed with one aspect of the bot, it would be that the broker does not allow its traders to start investing with a smaller amount of $1. Nevertheless, traders can position their sizes according to their money management strategies.

Duration Of Binary Option: Binary options trading involves contracts based on a fixed time of expiry or trade duration based on the price levels offered by the broker. Normally, brokers offer a wide variety of binary options and expiry times, where the expiry times can fluctuate from 30 seconds to even days or weeks. However, for simplicity purposes, and to ensure fast-paced trading, Binary Robot 365 only provides an option to choose an expiry time that starts from 30 seconds and up to a maximum of 5 minutes. Traders must choose an expiry time for their trading, and the trade times are entirely up to the trader’s preferences.

Money Management: Money management is an important setting in the automated binary trading bot, as it can have a massive influence on the outcome of a trade. There are essentially three money management strategies at Binary Robot 365, the Classic, the Martingale, and the Fibonacci systems. The Classic system is a straightforward money management strategy, where trades are entered with a fixed predetermined amount. In the martingale strategy, however, the systems double the amount of investment after a losing trade, until it reaches a winner; and the Fibonacci system doubles the investment after a winning trade and halves the investment after a losing trade. You should be extremely careful while choosing your money management strategy, as it has the potential for large drawdowns.

Indicators: Every automated binary options trading robot works on a predetermined set of trading conditions, where trades are triggered when the market conforms to a set of indicators reaching certain levels. Binary Robot 365 provides an option to choose from multiple indicators, including the Trend, the RSI, the MACD, the STOCH, the CCI, and the %R indicators. Traders are again at liberty to choose any single indicator or multiple indicators, and the system opens/closes trades according to the pre-set conditions.

The Number Of Simultaneous Positions: Some traders may not be comfortable with the idea of a trading bot opening a number of consecutive trades at frequent intervals, which can lead to multiple open positions at any given duration. Other traders thrive in such an environment, as they believe in the law of averages. Therefore, the program offers an option of opening a single trade at a time or opening multiple positions and holding them according to their expiry times.

Binary Robot 365 allows traders to try out different combinations of strategies, and users are free to modify their settings at will. Therefore, no two traders are likely to receive the same results, which can lead to a difference in performance and payouts for individual traders. Traders do have the option of being flexible with their settings and find a winning combination that is guaranteed to generate the most returns over a given period of time.


Evaluating The Performance Of Binary Robot 365

The performance of a binary trading bot is indeed an essential part of choosing a system, regardless of its popularity of assurances. In this regard, Binary Robot 365 guarantees high performance, where existing traders have been able to generate a 90% win-rate. We would consider a 60% win-rate with excellent money management strategy to generate consistent profits over time, but a high win-rate of 90% is frankly bewildering. What makes the claims more interesting is the fact that several existing clients have reported a higher win-rate, which can easily reach the 90% mark as promised by the company.

Of course, not all strategies in the Binary Robot 365 settings page can generate the guaranteed figure of 90% win-rate, as it takes some amount of testing through trial and error. Traders must also realise that the win-rate is not guaranteed to generate positive returns with binary options trading, as the actual ROI is dependent on the payouts offered by the broker. For instance, achieving a 50% win-rate with an asset that provides 70% payout for ITM trades will result in a loss of money. Similarly, a 90% win-rate with a 90% payout can also lead to a loss, if the amounts invested in losing trades are far greater than the amounts invested in winning trades. Therefore, ensure that you have a positive ROI, without concentrating on the absolute win-rate of the automated platform. A lower 70% win-rate with a 75% payout for ITM trades can generate a positive return, which is what you really need in binary options trading.




Binary Robot 365 Subscription Fee

Binary Robot 365 does not charge any subscription fee from its users, as the company only asks its traders to sign up for a binary options broker account through its trading system. The Binary Robot 365 program is not entirely free of cost, as the service receives affiliate commissions and a share of revenue from their users’ accounts and trading activities. There is indeed a conflict of interest, as regardless of the performance of the system, Binary Robot 365 will earn money on both winning and losing trades.

However, the long-term trading history of the bot suggests that traders can make money if they make all the right choices while tweaking the settings in their trader dashboard. It is also far better than some of the paid automated programs, where traders have to pay hefty fees in exchange for lacklustre performance.


Binary Robot 365 Demo Trading

The service provider does not ask its traders to invest real money at the beginning, as they are free to trade on a virtual account and analyse the trading performance before opening a real money account. The demo account can be used to customise the settings and find a winning combination, well before investing real money in the markets. The demo account is also beneficial for traders to analyse whether automated binary trading is suited to their risk appetite and whether it can provide any added benefits over manual binary options trading. However, you must be aware that the demo option is only available for a limited period of time.


Binary Robot 365 Support

The customer service department of Binary Robot 365 offers 24 hours a day live support through email and live chat. The company does not provide any other contact information, but we have yet to come across any major concerns regarding the efficiency of the customer support department. Binary Robot 365’s partnership with some of the leading binary options brokers also ensures that you can contact your broker at any time for any account-related queries or concerns.


Binary Robot 365 Verdict


  • High win-rate of 90% achieved by existing users.
  • Free of any subscription costs or any other fees for trading.
  • Ability to manage and customise trading parameters.
  • Easy-to-use platform.


  • No dedicated mobile app.
  • Concerns over the long-term profitability of binary options robot trading.
  • A low number of assets.



What Is The Minimum Investment For Binary Robot 365?

Traders are required to make a minimum investment of $200 for a trading account, and the minimum investment per trade is $10.


Is Binary Robot 365 Regulated?

No, Binary Robot 365 is not regulated, but the brokers supported by the system are regulated by the best regulatory agencies.


What Is The Highest Winning Percentage?

The highest win-rate achieved by the system is 92%. Actual results may vary according to the trading parameters chosen by the trader.