HighLow Trading Overview

HighLow makes a fairly tall claim of being the world’s leading binary options brokerage, and the company indeed displays a few positive attributes that make it one of the most reliable and safest brokers in the binary options markets. In certain cases, brokers may be overly enthusiastic about their products and services and are known to lay down some interesting claims, which sometimes border on being exuberant, in order to promote the broker’s brand name in positive light. However, in reality, the authenticity of these claims is properly evaluated by traders under real-life trading situations, where the actual performance is determined by the ability of the company to stick to its promises.

A majority of binary options companies start off well in the markets and may strive hard initially to create a competitive trading environment to earn a substantial share of the retail trading market. However, as time goes on, brokers may succumb to a relaxed approach and may indulge in financial scams and malpractices to increase their bottom line.


Brokers may also resort to illegal practices in search of more profits. However, regulated companies, such as HighLow, continues to offer genuine and reliable trading products, as they are bound by regulatory guidelines to provide a safe, secure, and competitive service to its investors.


HighLow Regulation

There is perhaps no other binary options broker in the industry that understands the importance of regulation better than HighLow. HighLow is located in Sydney, Australia, and has been a premier binary options broker since its launch in 2010. Australia is home to the best investor protection laws that are not only designed to protect the rights of an investor but also serves to safeguard the integrity of the Australian Financial Markets. HighLow is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), under the Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) No: 364264.

The ASIC has prescribed several laws in its financial regulatory framework that is designed to improve the credibility of the Australian economy according to global standards. With its advanced regulatory policies and a strict approach towards financial irregularities, the ASIC is considered to be at par with the regulatory standards adopted by leading regulators located in the US and the EU. Some of the basic ASIC guidelines include segregation of clients’ funds to prevent broker misuse, insurance policies for investments in the case of a broker default, maintenance of minimum operating capital by regulated firms through net tangible assets, hiring of trained and certified staff, and installing experts in all the main positions at the company.

With over 50,000 satisfied clients from around the world, HighLow has certainly hit all the right notes and continues to improve its services on a day to day basis. HighLow has been in the markets for quite a while and is clearly determined to take advantage of the extensive experience and popularity to become a top mainstream broker in the financial markets. According to our estimates, HighLow is not far away from the top and is certainly a reliable and genuine alternative to some of the more accomplished binary options brokers in the market.




HighLow Financial Instruments

Sometimes, it is normal for leading binary options brokers to have truly innovative binary options services, but might be lacking in some other departments. It is a similar case for HighLow, as the broker has a fewer number of financial assets than that is currently offered by other binary options brokers. In fact, even some of the lesser-known binary options brokers offer access to at least 100 different assets to cover the FX, commodities, indices, and Stock markets. In comparison, HighLow only offers access to around 25 different financial instruments.


Indices: AUS200, FRA40, GER30, HKG33, JPN225, UK100, US30

Commodities: Gold

The company may not be able to justify the severely limited access to the financial assets, as traders have numerous options in the market for investing in a diverse range of products across multiple asset classes. Due to the low number of tradable assets, a HighLow binary account is reserved for a smaller group of binary options traders who wouldn’t normally require access to the wide range of assets that are normally provided by conventional brokers. If you don’t have any particular requirements as far as tradable assets are concerned, or if you are the sort of trader who likes to keep a short and sweet investment portfolio, HighLow is obviously a marvelous option.


HighLow Payouts & Types Of Binary Options Products

HighLow has the highest payouts in the binary options markets with the classic binary options products pulling in an amazing 95% payout for in-the-money (ITM) trade. The HighLow ROI is significantly higher than the payouts offered by other brokers, which creates a hugely profitable environment for successful traders. In fact, the higher than average payouts are certainly sufficient for traders to opt for a HighLow account, in place of their conventional brokerage. If traders are willing to overlook the distinct lack of a choice for tradable assets, it is difficult to find any broker that offers a high ROI when compared to HighLow trading.


The broker also offers a higher payout of 200% for its HighLow Spread options, which offers more than two times the profits available on regular options. However, HighLow has only four major types of binary options products, the classic binary options, the HighLow Spread, the Turbo option, and the Turbo Spread option. The expiry times for the turbo options start from 30 seconds but can be increased to up to 24 hours for the longer term options. Long-term binary options can also be modified mid-way through the trade, provided the trade satisfies a few conditions imposed by the broker.


HighLow has once again failed to provide more lucrative binary options such as ladder and touch/range options. Generally, high-risk binary options such as touch/no-touch, range, and ladder options can provide a hefty payday with payouts reaching 500% for the same investment amount. It also provides additional incentives for expert traders to really approach the markets with an open mind and to take advantage of the existing market conditions for a higher profit.

Regardless, traders are given the option of entering the market with a minimum investment of $10 and a maximum investment limit of $2,000. The broker may have slightly erred in its judgement, as a minimum investment amount of $1 could have made the broker more suitable for smaller traders. A lower investment amount can also help traders to employ better money management strategies to preserve their trading capital during losing streaks. Nevertheless, the higher investment limit of $2000 seems to be on par with the maximum investment option provided by other brokers.


HighLow Binary Options Platform

Access to a reliable and top-performing trading platform is extremely vital for brokers to ensure that their traders have the best trading conditions to invest in the markets. Binary Options Trading is a short-term trading product, where trades are usually over in seconds. With a fixed time of expiry of every binary options product, it is important for traders to have a dependable trading platform that does not induce any bugs or platform errors that might lead to potentially disastrous consequences. Therefore, to ensure that clients get access to a high-quality trading interface, HighLow has developed a proprietary binary trading platform that is completely designed by the company’s in-house programming experts.

The HighLow platform is designed to operate as an independent browser-based trading platform, which has a familiar trader layout. Traders who have prior experience in binary options trading can find it easy to transition into the HighLow trading platform, while the platform is also easy to learn for novice traders. There are individual tabs in the trader dashboard that provides access to the different binary options products and expiry times, while a drop-down menu gives access to the assets available for trading. The platform provides all the information about the payouts, expiry time, open/live trades, and the account history through a well-thought-out interface, along with a basic chart for the selected asset.

Since the HighLow trading interface is compatible with most web browsers, traders can access their accounts through any device on the move. It also prevents the need to have a dedicated trading system, which works perfectly for traders on the move.


HighLow Mobile Trading

Mobile traders also have the option of accessing their HighLow accounts through the dedicated mobile apps. HighLow apps are available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and are an excellent option for both iOS and Android users. The availability of HighLow mobile apps for both operating systems ensures that the broker has provided support for a major section of the smartphone and tablet users market.

Most modern mobile apps are packed with features that allow traders to invest in binary options without any compromises. Aside from the limitations of the screen size in mobile devices, mobile trading platforms offer almost all the same trading conditions as its desktop counterparts. HighLow has ensured that both of its proprietary binary options trading platforms offer convenient access to the markets, and are certainly among the best trading platforms available in the market.


Funding Options & HighLow Minimum Deposit

Most modern binary options brokers enable its clients to make a payment through both online and offline payment systems. HighLow users can deposit and withdraw funds through Credit/Debit cards, Neteller, Bank Wire Transfer, and 35 other payment systems. Card payments and fund transfer through e-wallets are instant, and the broker takes care of all deposits and withdrawals without any limitations. Traders will be pleasantly surprised by the speed of withdrawals, as the broker will instantly credit your account, with a maximum processing time of 24 hours. However, the broker may officially quote a longer processing time for withdrawals, due to legal requirements, but traders can expect their payments within a short span of time.


There is a minimum limit for both deposits and withdrawals. Traders are expected to invest at least $50 for a trading account, which is quite a manageable sum of money in binary options trading. HighLow has kept its minimum deposit requirements way below the average figure of $250, which does enable smaller investors to open a HighLow account with minimal investment.


The minimum withdrawal limit is also $50, but what concerns us is that with a minimum investment per trade of $10, it will only take five consecutive losing trades to wipe out the entire account equity. Hence, traders must account for a consecutive losing streak, which can result in losses that can lead to a complete account wipe out. It is recommended to invest a minimum of $250, to account for the drawdown incurred during substantial losses.




HighLow Bonus

A HighLow bonus is available as a $50 cash back offer, which can be redeemed without satisfying any trading conditions. The broker does not ask its clients to satisfy impossible trading conditions; neither does the broker enforce any account lockdowns that prevent traders from accessing their trading capital. The broker also offers a loyalty program that allows users to accumulate HighLow Points, which qualify for a cash reward. HighLow does not offer any other type of bonuses such as a deposit bonus or other reward programs.


HighLow Demo Account

Signing up for a binary options demo account has never been easier, as HighLow offers a full-access demo account without requiring any sign ups or account verifications. Traders can straightaway access a demo account by accessing the broker’s demo trading interface and can start trading with a $10,000 virtual balance. The broker also offers a $50 trading credits, which can be redeemed by satisfying several trading conditions. The broker also provides a separate platform walkthrough, which can provide all the basic information about the platform features and trading tools that are essential from a trader’s perspective.


HighLow Customer Support

ASIC regulation does ensure that HighLow traders can expect to receive a fair binary options service without any major issues. The ASIC is eager to point out that traders have the right to raise a complaint against the broker if they are not satisfied with the products or services in general. However, the absence of a live chat feature is what bothers us the most, since traders can only contact the customer service department through email, phone, or a web contact form. Live chat is a relatively inexpensive customer interaction tool, and the company does not do its users any good by omitting the availability of a live chat function. Nevertheless, the customer service is highly professional, and traders can receive expert assistance through a team of qualified and trained customer service representatives.



HighLow Training & Trading Resources

HighLow does not have a dedicated resources page with access to trader training or other materials. While the broker covers a few aspects of the binary options markets through some basic video tutorials, the HighLow resources page is significantly inferior when compared to the high-quality materials offered by other brokers. Nevertheless, traders can find all the relevant training materials through online sources, but it would have helped HighLow clients to receive personalised assistance from the broker.


HighLow Verdict


  • A regulated broker that offers the best protection for investors’ funds.
  • A robust platform that works well on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • High payouts that exceed the industry standards.
  • Trading accounts available from as low as $50.
  • Good customer service.
  • Access to an unlimited demo account.


  • An incredibly low number of HighLow assets for trading.
  • Lack of binary options products that offer higher rewards.
  • No live chat feature for customer support.



How Can I Access The HighLow Demo Account?

HighLow offers access to an unlimited demo account that provides up to $10,000 in virtual balance. Traders can also access the platform walkthrough, or browse through the features available in the live platform even before opening an account.


Are My Funds Secure?

HighLow is a regulated broker, and clients’ funds are kept in segregated accounts at AA rated banks in Australia. HighLow cannot misuse its clients’ funds for meeting any other debt obligations.


How Much Should I Invest For A HighLow Account?

Traders can start trading with a HighLow binary options account for a minimum amount of $50, but it is recommended for traders to invest at least $250, due to the higher minimum investment per trade of $10.


How Long Does It Take To Withdraw Funds?

Bank wire transfers may take longer to process, but withdrawing funds through credit/debit cards or through e-wallets should be relatively quick. Traders have reported receiving their funds instantly, but expect a minimum delay of 24 hours during regular working hours, and a bit longer during weekends.



If you are looking for a regulated binary options broker with a credible history in the binary options markets, HighLow should be at the top of your priorities list. Of course, HighLow needs some work in a few departments, but overall, HighLow is a top choice for binary options trading.